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    If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

    Let's relax in the garden.
    I'm going to the library to... um... read. Yeah that's it.
    I'll be back later. I'm going to my workshop to make dolls.
    Training! There's no time to waste!
    I want to hang out with my best friend.
    I must search. I haven't yet found what I need, and I'll do anything I have to in order to get it!

    You go to see your crush, and he is...

    At his desk working... or maybe he's planning world domination?
    Training in the courtyard again. I'll just watch from here so that I don't get in his way.
    Reading porn while playing with children... =_=
    Taking care of the flowers. He looks so gentle.
    Walking around, and taking care of his duties with his puppets
    Watching the world with his broad, angelic smile.

    What are his goals?

    To protect those he cares for until the end.
    To save as many souls as he can.
    To get his memories back... and avenge the dead.
    To regain what he lost- and then who knows what he'll do with it...
    To protect his family.
    To protect the bonds people hold.

    An explosion was set off nearby... He...

    H-he... He set it off!
    is rashly running over to see what's wrong.
    is worried. He camly, but quickly heads over with some medicine.
    glares in that direction, then grabs me, and throws me into a safe building before heading over to the danger.
    Sends off his puppets so that he can see the damage/danger from long range. That way he can determine the best action.
    Runs after me, because he doesn't want me involved in the danger.

    You just learned a terrible secret from your past...

    He sits down next to you, and gives you great words of wisdom... then ruins it with his stupidity.
    He doesn't know how to comfort you, so he hugs you and apologizes to you over and over.
    Brings you a calming cup of tea, and has you tell him about it.
    Doesn't react at all. He doesn't say anything.
    He holds you in his arms, and stays that way with a few comforting words.

    You want more than friendship. How does he react (assuming you loves you too).

    Grins widely and tries to jump on you. You avoid it out of instinct, and he falls face first. Oops...
    Doesn't say anything, and shows no emotion. He goes "Hmm..." You assume that means he's okay with it?
    Blushes bright red, and isn't sure what to say. He's not used to this at all.
    Surprised but smiles softly. He agrees and kisses you softly.
    Shocked, but smiles happily, slightly embarrassed. "This is great! I love you too!" he hugs you tightly.
    Quickly looks at you when you say it. You're suddenly grabbed from behind by someone who looks just like him so that I don't escape...and then he kisses you.

    What is your goal?

    I just want to follow him... even if that means I'll follow him to the depths of the underworld!
    I want to protect the smile on his face. Though I don't think there's any way to get rid of it! haha~ ^_^
    I want to be the one who takes care of his needs, since he takes care of everyone else's.
    I want to be his strongest bond.
    I want to burn his porn! ...And save his soul.
    I want to help him in anyway I can, even if he thinks it's too dangerous!

    What's your favorite color?


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