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Hetalia: Axis Powers Quizzes
America, China, Country, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Russia, USA, Which Hetalia Character Are You
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    First question--in general, how is your energy level?


    On any given day, how do you generally feel, or, what do people perceive you as?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)

    How do you tend to act towards others?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    In a bubbly way.
    In a relaxed way.
    In a tense way.
    In a calm way.
    In a cruel way.
    In a tricky way.
    In a sarcastic way.
    In a flamboyant way.

    How do you think? How does your mind operate?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    I'm a little air headed.
    I'm philosophical.
    I'm calculating.
    I'm oblivious in most situations.
    I'm logical.
    I'm cautious.
    I'm a bit dull.

    What are your intentions/motivation for acting the way you do?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Because I'm caring.
    I'm a bit sadistic.
    I act lawfully.
    I'm helpful.
    I like to have control of a situation.
    I'm just kind (not the same as polite!).
    I'm a bit self-centred.
    I'm competitive.

    How do you usually address a situation?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    I'm lazy.
    I'm serious.
    I'm rather casual.
    I'm enthuastic!
    I'm rather neutral or unaffected.
    I get nervous.
    I get scared.

    Among others, you are...

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Popular--I have many friends, whether or not they know each other.
    I'm solitary most of the time.
    I feel controlled by others.
    I'm pretty clingy and like to have people/ a certain person around me.
    I'm lonely or I feel disconnected from others.
    Homely--I have a few close friends and I consider myself likable.

    What do you value most?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    My family.
    My friends.
    My success/goals.
    My happiness.
    My safety/ health.
    My time.
    My state of mind.

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