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    Which of these animals is your favorite?

    None of these.

    Do you like your name?

    Yes because it's feminine and that is a sign!
    No! I prefer to be called a nickname that suits me more.

    Which of these activities do you like?

    Swimming for fun.
    "Land activities" like running or riding a bike.
    Managing the swim team.
    Swimming competitively!

    What's your favorite part about swimming?

    Free style.
    I can't swim (yet!).
    Competitive swimming.
    Watching the boys swim.

    Which of these personalities describes you the best?

    Smart, logical, and a bit rigid.
    Easy-going, sweet, and good organizational skills.
    Passionate, competitive, and strong-willed.
    Serious, strong, and quiet.
    Cheerful, straight-forward, and playful.
    sweet, kind-hearted, and easily spooked by ghosts.

    Do you still hang out with your childhood friends?

    Yes. I'm still very close with my childhood friends.
    I'm now friends with people that I'd seen around before.
    No. I still sometimes see old friends, but I have new friends now.

    Which of these situations best describes you?

    You are Haru's best friend and are very protective of him.
    You relaxed. You love swimming and taking baths.
    You are very competitive and passionate about your talents and goals.
    You are caring and worry about the well-being of your family and friends
    You are very logical and smart, but can see the beauty in everything.
    You are cheerful and a "go-getter". You will do anything to support your friends and help them to be successful.

    FOR FUN: Which of these characters is your favorite?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 6 answers)
    Haru Nanase
    Mako Tachibana
    Nagisa Hazuki
    Rei Ryugazaki
    Rin Matsuoka
    Gou Matsuoka

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