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    Hi there! How are you?

    Hey there! I'm doing ok.
    Awesome! Just listening to my favourite song.
    Were you talking to me?

    What describes you? Pick all that apply.

    (choose at least 2 and at most 6 answers)
    Slacking off.
    What are you trying to get here...?
    A totally smart person.
    A delinquent.

    What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Read books.
    Listen to my fav song in the whole world!!
    Talk, walk around...
    Take care of my sibling(s) time to time.

    How are you doing in school?

    Getting beaten every day. Are you a bully?
    I get sick a lot but I still love my school.
    The Normal.
    I don't attend classes.

    If you had a best friend that was crazy, would you let them be?

    I would tell me friend to stop being crazy.
    Let be whatever they want.
    I don't have friends.
    What did you say?

    If you were in Japan, what would you like at the end of your name?

    Call me whatever you want.
    What are you talking about??? :S

    Who's in your family?

    I'm an only child.
    I live with my parents.
    My parents are divorced... :(
    I live alone. FOREVER ALONE
    I live with my very annoying sibling(s).

    I hoped you enjoyed this quiz! See you soon!

    I hope I become your friend someday!
    DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ... *Clicks 'Ask Guru'*

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