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    What is your favorite color(s)?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Anything sparkly.
    Shades of blue and purple.

    What is your favorite place to be?

    Anywhere as long as I am alone.
    Out in the middle of the woods. (Where I can explore)
    The beach! :D (I love swimming!)
    Honestly I would want to be in the ruins of an ancient civalization.
    The mall!!!

    Would someone describe you as being magical?

    Ehhh. No. -.-
    Ummm not really?
    I have some magic but I'm not overly strong in it.

    Are you a loner? Or do you have a closely knit family?

    I have a closely knit pack and we all get along, all the pups are like my litte brothers and sisters!
    Uhh they're all dead.
    Umm we don't stay in contact.
    They've been dead for at least a millenia ... at least I think thats how long its been ... hmmm ... ?
    Somewhat I guess.

    What are you most afraid of?

    Dark places.
    Being completely wiped from existance. Just because I am dead doesn't mean I want to be dead-dead forever.

    Okay, your set up on a blind date with one of these monsters, which do you hope it will be?

    Who'd really want to date me? No one likes me! T.T
    That person had better be handsome! (Pretty!)
    If they can keep up with me it doesn't matter!!

    Describe your personality.

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Forever alone.

    What is your favorite activity?

    Exploring the ruins.
    Playing with my sparkles.

    What food are you having for dinner?

    Ummm ... I'd rather not talk about it. It's kind of a touchy subject.
    Anything as long as it's not fish!
    Blood. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. XP
    Sugar biscuits and sparkle tea.
    I can't eat, but when I was alive I liked exotic foods.

    Are people afraid of you?

    They have reason to be. Check out these fangs!
    I wish they weren't!
    No! I'm to cute to be scary!!
    People usually can't see me, but when they can they usually are scared of me.
    I don't know. People mistake me for their dinner sometimes so I keep hidden usually.

    Do you ever feel lonely and depressed?

    All the time.
    Sometimes, but my family always cheers me up again!
    I don't care! All animals are my friends! (Except hawks and snakes)
    All the time, but I am used to it.
    Not really! I have some friends to keep me company.

    Were you born this way or were you changed?

    I was killed and then brought back to life.
    Some mean bully bit me and now I am like this! (Pouty face)
    Baby! I was born this way! :3
    I was born this way and I like it!
    I was cursed by an ancient spell to forever walk the earth alone sadly.

    We're almost done sadly!

    Awww! Noes! Please Noes!
    Okay well, I do have my pack to tend to!
    Why must it end?
    And then I will be lonely again ...

    What music genre do you like?

    Anything as long as it is soft and quiet.

    Anything you want to say before this quiz is over?

    Good riddance.
    Time to go shopping!
    I must eat chocolate! My brain is fried!
    Time to hit the beach!
    Time to go read some books.

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