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    First off-- obvious question. What is your favorite color?

    Not listed.

    Nice. Now, why did you decide to watch the show?

    For the singing-- the songs are so catchy!
    For the drama-- the constant switching between Mitsuki and Fullmoon is so intense!
    There was nothing better to watch...
    For the characters-- they're all so cool!

    What is your favorite song from the show?

    Eternal Snow.
    I hated the music, really. It never interested me.
    New Future.

    Do you like Mitsuki or Fullmoon better?

    Neither-- they both annoy me.
    Both-- they're the same person after all.

    Were you sad that SPOILER died?

    I was sobbing for weeks!
    Eh, people die. And I saw it coming, anyway.
    It is what it is, but I still feel bad.
    So what? Does it really matter?

    Okay then. How many times did you replay Takuto and Mitsuki kissing?

    Up until someone interrupted. I LOVED that scene!
    Well, I only watched it once, but it still gave me butterflies.
    I watched it and laughed so damn hard.
    I hated that scene-- I skipped over it and never looked back.

    Fullmoon or Route L?

    Route L
    Doesn't really matter to me.

    Not really important, but humor me. Should Meroko and Takuto have gotten the fate they were given in the end of the series?

    Yes-- it was perfect. Everyone was happy in the end.
    No, I feel like it was a bit unfair.

    Who was your favorite character?

    Mitsuki Koyama
    Takuto Kira
    Meroko Yui
    Eh, what do I care?

    When Mitsuki survived in the end of the series, what was your reaction?

    Yes! Hooray!
    ... Okay then. Everyone knew she would.
    I felt pretty happy that it happened.
    No-- she shouldn't have survived. It was too predictable.

    Quiz us over-- what did you think of it?

    It was fun. ^^
    I had nothing better to do, so it was okay.
    It was boring-- why did I even do this?
    It was a good quiz-- but it could be better.

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