Horatio Which Sherlock Holmes Character Are You?

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    Hi! Welcome to this quiz! Nice to meet you!

    Hello! Charmed, I'm sure.
    Good-day. Will this take long?
    Halloa! What's this? You're an anime fangirl with a strange interest in Shakespeare, and a fondness for online quizzes. Am I right?
    Off with you, then. I take visitors by appointment only.

    Now that we're acquainted, could you tell me some words that describe you?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)

    Let's say a crime has been committed. What do you do first?

    Call the cops and secure the area.
    Stay out of it, and make sure I have an alibi...
    Shoo the cops away, make sure NO ONE touches anything, and search for evidence myself.
    Visit my closest friend and talk about it.

    You think you know who the culprit is, but you need proof. Your friend decides to set up a highly-illegal sting operation. You:

    Sigh and bring the revolver.
    Notify the authorities immediately, even if it's your friend.
    Make sure your friend doesn't catch you...
    Are the one organizing the sting.

    You caught the criminal, but now you're wanted by the government! What do you do?

    I don't know. I can't imagine being on the wrong side of the law!
    Fake my own death, then spend three years exploring in the mountains of Tibet.
    Maybe I'd flee to another country, but I'd still keep in touch with my friends and family.
    Lay low and bide my time until I can move on my plans.

    It's finally safe for you to return, but without a case, you're rather bored. How do you pass the time?

    Devising my next... um... enterprise.
    Get back to my real job for a bit.
    Oh, I always have a case. I never catch a break!
    Either write a book on rare species of earthworms, mix dangerous chemicals and feed them to the dog, play the violin at all hours of the night, or smoke shag tobbacco until a small cumulonimbus cloud forms near my ceiling.

    You just solved a case for a rich woman who wants to offer you an excessive sum for your trouble. Do you take it?

    It really depends on how I view her character, and what mood I'm in.
    Of course. I'll take any money I can get.
    Probably, but I'd feel like I didn't really deserve it...
    Certainly not! I'm just doing my job.

    The newspapers heard about your last case, and they want to write a congratulatory article about you! What do you do?

    Write it myself; I've written many case reports for the newspapers.
    Refuse. Publicity would be bad for my... um... business.
    Tell them to make sure it's purely scientific; no theatrics, please.
    Well, it sure would be nice to get some recognition for all the work I do around here...

    An important member of the government asks you to recover some extremely sensitive information without releasing it to the public. How do you respond?

    I can't keep it secret; I have responsibilities to the public.
    Swear my utmost secrecy and try my best to find it.
    Find it, then use it to blackmail them or sell it to a foreign spy.
    Only agree to their terms if they tell me exactly waht the information is, no matter how sensitive.

    Well, that should be all. Cheerio!

    That's all? I was rather hoping this would present more of a challenge.
    It was pleasant talking to you.
    Sure. Good-day.
    Yes, yes, cheerio. Now kindly go away.

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