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    Alright, before we get down to business, are you a girl or a guy?

    Girl, obviously.
    Guy, duh.

    So you've just gotten to the anime convention. Where do you go first?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Right to the dealer room baby! Forget last day deals. I want first dibs on the posters.
    Probably one of the viewing rooms. Gotta get a good seat for my favorite show.
    To sign up for the cosplay contest. This year for the win!
    To find Pocky. Mmmmm. Pocky.
    Why choose one place. I'll be running from room to room all con, and I won't miss a thing. Except perhaps my shower.

    How much money do you usually bring with you to a con?

    Depends on if I can find the right kind of swag.
    Just enough to stock up on delicious, delicious Pocky. And once I run out, it's on to begging.
    Not much. I'm too engrossed in all the con goodness to buy anything. Or eat much. Or bath...
    None. I spent it all making a costume before the convention.

    Do you like to cosplay?

    Cosplay? It's not cosplaying. It's a chance to show people who I really am!
    Yeah, it's alright. Mostly I just like to take pictures to add to my shrine at home.
    It helps to hide my identity... and my smell.
    If it helps me get Pocky, I'll do anything!
    Nah. I don't have money for costumes. I need to save that for the con.

    Okay, so, not to reinforce negative stereotypes, but if you can get away it, will you bother to bath?

    Eww, gross. Of course I would bath.
    I would definitely stay squeaky clean. But maybe the smell would help make people more charitable with their food...
    Bath? There's no time to bath. I have a marathon to watch and a dance to go to. Plus, it's only a few days. What's the harm?
    Depends on who I'm cosplaying. If it fits the part, I'll roll in mud.

    What is your favorite thing about being at a con?

    Meeting all the cool people! I've got my camera ready to capture it all.
    Pocky! Pocky! And more Pocky!
    A chance to strut my stuff in costume and not worry about getting weird looks.
    Easy access to Japanese goods.
    Everything. I can watch anime 24 hours a day if I want.

    What is your favorite Japanese food?

    Ramen! Because Naruto likes it.
    It's hard to say. I like sushi and lots of other stuff.
    Hmm... Whatever kind helps me stay in character. Sephiroth probably doesn't drink Ramune, does he?

    Would you consider yourself a moocher?

    Definitely. If people are willing to give me stuff, who am I to say no? Even if they did need a littler coercion...
    Not really. I plan ahead, so I don't run out of money, and I don't have to stop watching anime.
    It depends, I guess.

    Halloween! It's the best holiday ever. Why? Because it's like a con. How?

    Candy! Candy is like Pocky right?
    I get to dress up as my favorite character.
    Stuff. I get bags and bags of stuff I want.
    Umm... no clue.

    Last of all, what would your friends (or you, if you were being really honest) say is your biggest fault?

    Well, apparently I can be a bit lax in hygiene.
    I only ever eat Pocky. Supposedly that's not a good diet. Pfft. Like they know anything.
    I can get a bit carried away when I'm role playing or acting.
    Money burns a hole in my wallet like acid.
    I'm a tad obsessive.

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