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    Hi there! *waves*

    *raises eyebrow*
    Who the heck are you?
    Hi! *waves back*
    Uh, hi.
    Do I know you?
    Nice to meet you. *smiles politely*

    Is it okay if I ask you some questions?

    Sure, go right ahead.
    I'm kind of busy right now.
    Of course.
    It depends on the question.
    You didn't answer mine. >:(

    Do you have a favorite color?

    Uh, not really.
    I never thought about it before. *shrugs*
    That was the question?
    I'm afraid I can't answer that.
    Favorite color? I LOVE THEM ALL! *grins*
    Why would you want to know that?
    Ugh, you're annoying.

    Are you a boy or a girl?

    Does it matter?
    Can't you tell by looking?

    Are you good at fighting monsters?

    What would I fight a monster for?
    People think I'm a monster. :(
    Of course.
    You could say that.
    I've trained for battle.
    I'm pretty good at it.
    I'm not too bad if I say so myself.

    What kind of weapon would you use if you could pick something else?

    Never thought about it.
    I guess I'd learn how to use a sword.
    I don't like weapons.
    Maybe a bow?
    I don't need anything else.
    I'm too old for that.
    I still have too much to learn to consider something else.

    Do you have any goals?

    Not really.
    I might.
    Yes, I do.

    Thank you for answering the questions! ^_^

    You're welcome.
    And here I figured you'd ask more.

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