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    What Host type are you?

    Natural type.
    Prince type.
    Wild type.
    Loli Shota type.
    Not so devilish type.
    Devilish type.
    Cool type.
    What kind of joke is this?!??!!

    You stumble into the third music room and find the host club, you:

    Leave immediately, and hope no one saw you.
    Give it a try, it could be fun!
    Stand silently waiting for someone to explain.
    Put on a cute face and eat the cake they offer you.

    Describe yourself in three words:

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)

    What do you do when a girl is crying?

    Walk away, you don't know her.
    Ask what’s wrong, it can't hurt to try.
    Help her up, and give her any moral support you can.

    You see your fellow host being pushed around, you:

    Leave, they wouldn't want to be called a coward.
    Stand up for them.
    Kick some BOOTY!!!
    Stand by in case they need you.

    What is your hobby?

    napping, and eating cake
    Being with my brother, pulling pranks, teasing Tamaki.
    Being quiet.
    Doing research.
    Flirting with Haruhi.

    What do you like most?

    Bunnies and cake.
    Money, financial security.
    Girls....Haruhi in particular.
    Pulling pranks with my bro and teasing Tamaki.
    Following my cousin around like a dog.

    A girl nobody talks to is being beat up. You:

    Walk away, you don't like her either.
    Join in, it looks like fun.
    Kick some bully ***!

    Where do you go after school?

    Host club meetings.

    (final question) Who do you "hang" with?

    Nobody. I'm a loner. T_T
    My brother.
    My cousin.
    My computer.

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