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    On your first day at your new school, you run across the host club. What is your reaction?

    Well... this is interesting.
    What in the world is this!?!
    Oh, how fun... new toys to play with!
    YAY! They have cake in here!
    .... Hmm.
    I bet this is Tamaki's doing. He's so fun to tease...
    Oh my goodness, what a fabulous place!

    Pick a few words to describe your personality.


    What "type" of Host are you?

    The prince type.
    The natural type.
    The loli shota type.
    The little devil type.
    The cool type
    The little devil type, but not quite as devilish. XD
    The wild type.

    You develop feelings for someone! How do you handle it?

    It depends. What am I going to get out of the situation?
    It depends on how the one closest to me feels. That is a factor in everything!
    I'll end up mistaking my feelings for something else, but I'll show them with just as much intensity!
    I'll probably get really awkward and try to convince myself that I don't feel that way...
    Yay! The feelings make me feel so happy inside!
    I might not realize my feelings, but I'll notice that SOMETHING is different.
    I'll wait for them to approach me first... I'd rather not be the first to talk about it.

    You friends would describe you as...

    ADORABLE! I'm a fluffy little ball of cuteness!
    Quiet, pleasant to be around, a little stoic though.
    They'd say I tend to over think things, but I'm fun to be around.
    They tend to think I'm dense! But they do think I am kind and helpful, though a bit annoying...
    The people who can tell WHICH ONE I AM say that I'm funny and outspoken.
    Clever, calculating, and kind deep down though on the surface I am a bit cold.
    Well, most people don't know who I am, but I think they see me as fun and a little on the devious side.

    What matters most to you?

    My brother! He is the only person I am close to.
    Getting good grades so that one day I can become like my mother.
    Excelling in life and taking over the family empire.
    My brother! His feelings matter more to me than other people's.
    My cousin is the most important thing to me. I will follow him anywhere.
    Happiness! Helping others! And of course keeping the ladies happy...
    Cute things! I love cake and bunnies!

    What best describes your daily activities?

    Eating cake, napping, and spending time with my cousin!
    Playing pranks with my brother, teasing Tamaki.
    I'm usually with my brother, spending time with him.
    Waking up early, doting on my daughter, and enjoying commoner cuisine!
    Working hard to keep the club up and running.
    Keeping up on my schoolwork and getting dragged around by my friends...
    Spending time with my cousin, practicing my kendo.

    You see someone being bullied! Quick, what do you do!?

    I go over and do something about it, never mind that they're bigger than me...
    Chances are I won't do anything about it... I'll let my more eccentric friends tend to such matters.
    I'll be sure to comfort the person who was being bullied afterward, even if I can't do anything at the time!
    If it's one of my friends being bullied, I'll beat up whoever is bothering them!
    I'll casually and coolly find some way to break it up without getting too involved.
    I'll do something involving switching places with my brother and confusing the bully out of action.
    I'll come up with a rather devious plot to stop it on the spot!

    Which of these activities appeals to you most?

    Going on a date.
    Playing some silly trick with your sibling.
    Eating cake!
    Attending some kind of "commoner" bazaar.
    Tying to get something done without being bothered by crazy rich people.
    Staying in the background watching the festivities as my friends create chaos.

    Your friend (or even someone you barely know) has a problem! How do you help?

    I'll offer them some of my cake and let them hold my stuffed animal!
    Unless I have some valid reason, I probably won't get involved.
    I'll find some way to fix it that probably by pretending to be someone else...
    I'll talk to them about it and see if I can help them figure it out.
    I'll fly into action immediately and do everything I can to give them advice and make everything better!
    I'll offer some form of silent comfort. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.
    I'll probably joke around with them to make them feel better!

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