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    First things first, are you a human?


    When things don't go your way, what do you do?

    I worry, but I stay relatively calm.
    Everything always goes the way of the Boulder!
    I pout and fret...
    I'll read to get my mind off of things.
    There is nothing in the universe that can truly RUIN anything I'm doing.
    I find that screaming works.... AHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    I will give the offender a dirty look, and stalk away.
    I'll make it go BACK my way!
    I will patiently wait until there is something I can do to fix the problem.
    I have plenty of guards who can take care of things if trouble arises.

    Are you a major fanboy/girl?

    Obsessing over silly things is stupid.

    If you were in a situation where your favorite celebrity was going to show up somewhere, but didn't, what would you do?

    I'd probably cry!
    I would totally freak out until I realized they weren't coming, in which case I would calmly pick myself up from the ground where I was foaming at the mouth, and walk away from the scene.
    I would be disappointed, but I suppose it doesn't really matter all THAT much in the long run...
    I wouldn't care in the slightest.

    Do you think highly of yourself?

    Not particularly, but I don't hate myself, no!
    None is greater than I!
    No, no! I just want to learn, I don't think myself great!
    I DO have quite an awesome collection... Yes I do.
    No..... not at all..... -sobs over multitude of losses-
    Nah, but I DO think highly of SOMEONE!
    Of course I do, I am incredible, and no one else is better.
    Yes, no one would respect me if I didn't respect myself first.

    Do you have any rivals?

    I HATE THAT LITTLE -----------!!!!
    No, I... don't really know very many people....
    Yeah, but I only count them as a rival. I'm not even good enough to be considered a rival to them.
    No, I'm too busy with my work to bother with petty rivalries.
    Are you kidding? No one's brave enough to go against me in anything, so how could I have a rival?
    I am proud to say that I am the only one of my kind in the series! So no!
    Nah, I'm a pretty peaceful person.
    They consider ME a rival, but I'm above, them, so nope, I don't.
    -raises eyebrow- No, why would I have a rival?
    I'm sure I had one at one point, but I probably had them killed. Ah well, they didn't matter much.

    Are you mean?

    I try to be as kind and fair as possible.
    You just called me mean! No one calls me names!
    I don't think I am! I hope not...
    No! Besides, I don't socialize much.
    You could say that, yes. I'm certainly not NICE.
    I've got to crack down on people ruining my life! If you call that being mean, then so be it.
    No, I'm a nice person.
    What other people feel about how I act doesn't matter.
    No! I help people whenever I can!
    Yup! :)

    What are your views on learning?

    I enjoy learning new things.
    Ick... I GUESS it's okay....
    There's nothing more for me to learn. I know everything already.
    I don't need any more knowledge than what I have for what I do.
    It's okay, I can't really complain either way.
    I don't need to learn new things! I'm way above that! I just need to be recognized as incredible, and I'll be on my way.
    New knowledge is very useful.
    Learning about one's enemy is extremely useful.

    Do you like girls or boys?

    I already said I don't really know anyone... do you mean romantically?
    Girls, but everyone loves me!
    I don't have time for romance! I'm busy with my work!
    Both are nice.
    Hmm... Girls I suppose.
    Girls, but hey, boys aren't bad either!
    Girls. Other men suck.
    I have no interest in romance.
    Women. Not girls, women.

    Do you have any pets?

    Yup! And I love 'em to death!

    What do you most identify yourself with?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Big rocks
    .... Ummm.... -mumbles- Aang...
    Prestige! Money!
    Helping people

    Are you male or female?


    Are you referred to by your occupation/an item, or do you actually have a real name?

    Of course I have a name! Duh!

    The age old question, favorite color?


    Don't you wish you could hug "Foaming at the Mouth Guy"?

    Yeah, why not?
    I like his looks, but...
    No! That's gross/stupid!

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