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    What do you value most in life?

    Being the strongest, which of course, I already am. Heh.
    Protecting my teammates and working for the good of society.
    My most precious value is carrying out my goal, which would eventually change the world--- in my favor.
    I am a chosen one. I do what I am ordered to do, and I value nothing in particular.
    I dont know. I'm hungry.

    If someone you don't know came out of nowhere and challenged you to a fight would you...

    Run! I'm in no state to fight right now!
    Toy with their emotions a little, play the nice guy, and eventually kill them. How dare they believe they reach my level of power!
    Ask "Do I know you?"
    Stare and observe to see if they're worth fighting. If not, walk away. You have other things to attend to.
    "HAH! YOU beat ME?? Not a chance." You kill them instantly.

    What is your opinion on love?

    I am not capable of feeling. But the sight of humans in love is... interesting...
    I AM in love!! It's so bright and shiny. And whenever I see her I feel soooo HAPPY!
    I don't need love. Love is for losers and the weak.
    Haha. Love? Your asking the wrong person. If your asking whether I can manipulate others to FEEL love, than yes, your asking the right person.
    Love is a deep emotion, and it can be shared with friends, family, and of course, lovers.

    You see two people at a bar who obviously have alot of money and you see them buying up all the drinks. You need money in your pocket eventually. What do you do?

    Lure the two people into a room. Knock them out and steal their money! Heh! Maybe I'll wait until they wake up, just to see if they're strong enough to fight me.
    Ask for a position at the bar, or somewhere else. I don't have to resort to criminal activity to get what I want.
    Drink up. I could go for some Jacks!
    Become friends with the two people. Use them to see where their source of finance is. Once you obtain what you need to know, kill them.
    You have no interest in the two people. Instead, you came to the bar originally to find a certain person to interrogate. You obtain money by completing that mission.

    A quarantine is being excecuted, and authorities massacre innocent people before your eyes. You...

    Avoid the people and authorities. However, kill whoever gets in your way.
    Help the people, by knocking the authorities out, or killing, if you have to.
    Destroy the entire setting of massacre and chaos. (which would probably end everything, with a chaotic blast.)
    Go on a killing spree. Your targets are both the people and the authorities.
    Run! Panic!

    How strong are you really?

    I may not look it, but I'm strong. Especially when I have to be.
    I can't fight! It's wrong!
    I am the strongest! Anyone who disagrees WILL DIE by my hands!!
    I am extremely advanced in battle, at a very high level. However, there are others who surpass me.
    Haha. I haven't met anyone stronger than me. It would be quite interesting if I did, though.

    Out of the choices below, which would you prefer?

    World domination.

    If you were an outsider, where would you reside?

    A nice roomy apartment, all for myself.
    A place of eternal nights, where there's only the moonlight.
    A hot, fiery, valley of lava.
    A palace which symbolizes my neverending dictatorship.
    A grassy field, or ranch.

    Someone throws a punch at you. Thinking quickly, you...

    Block it.
    Disappear, missing the attack, and instantly hypnotize the opponent.
    Quickly dodge it, figuring what to do next.
    Run or walk away. Preferably run.
    Block it, and kick their ass!

    Which color most closely relates to your mentality?


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