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    Do you prefer to be alone?

    no, friends are cool
    yes, i work alone
    I don't care weather people are with me or not
    i'm happy when i've got friends

    What would you say is most like you?

    the cool one who wants to be alone
    the one who just loves to have fun
    the very shy yet kind one

    What's your favorite color?


    What are your interests?

    to be alone
    just to make friends
    i kinda like food
    does it really matter what makes you happy?

    What is your favorite of these foods?

    it doesn't matter
    i like all sorts of food
    i'll eat almost anything, but i don't overeat
    i really don't klnow

    What do you like most of these choices?

    wolves! they're so cool!
    i would like you to stop asking questions!
    i like to have people who are kind around
    i really don't know

    If you could be an animal, what would it be?

    maybe a raven
    i'd be a chipmunk
    i would be a a whale!

    Do you like to have friends nearby?

    love them never leave home without them
    yeah they are good
    nearby friends!?! no way they get in my space!
    i guess it's ok to have some friends nearby

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