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    Uh...hello ^_^
    Hi! =D

    What color are his eyes?

    Grey but sometimes they change...

    What's his hair like?

    It's kinda longish and white.
    It's sorta reddish brownish orangish and it's messy. ^o^
    Looong and dark and cool.
    Short and black with a white streak.
    Dark and curly. Kinda long.
    It's dark...what?

    What kind of clothes does he wear?

    Pretty normal but they look so cool on him!
    Dark and cool.
    Black leather!
    Hmm...they're kinda old black clothes.
    They're classy and so smexy.
    His work uniform. -____-

    Describe his room...

    It's got posters and stuff in it. Ooooh a bunny!
    It's NORMAL. What do you expect?
    He won't let me see it. But I took a little peek and all I saw was a bed.
    It looks like something from a horror movie. Is that a coffin?
    It's fancy and dark and fit for a king!
    It's a HUUUUUUUGE mess.

    Where would he take you on a date?

    A restaurant. He loves to eat.
    The movies. Of course I won't say what we'll be doing. ^///^
    Somewhere quiet. Like a park or something. (at night)
    Maybe the mall.
    The museum or a really fancy restaurant.
    A coffee shop.

    How does he act on this date?

    He's very polite. He likes telling stories and hearing mine.
    He's got his arm around me the whoooole time O//////O
    He's quiet. He talks every few minutes. (maybe he's shy)
    He's like a little kid running around everywhere. It's kinda cute though.
    He's very mysterious and just wants to hear about me.
    He's acting normal for once!! WHAT'S GOING ON????

    What is he like?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)
    Adorable X3
    Cold TT_TT
    Wierd O_O

    What's his best trait?

    He's so pretty....*stares*
    His looks 8D
    He's cool.
    Uhhh....his personality?
    He's really classy.
    He's fun but serious when he wants to be.

    What's his worst trait?

    Bad traits? He doesn't have any! But I think he cheats at cards...
    He's so quiet and cold! He won't open up TT_TT
    He's gullible. -___-
    He has a sort of sadistic side. But I love that about him!
    He blows thing way out of proportion!

    Does he have a split personality?


    What would he do if you were crying?

    He'd whisper in my ear "What's wrong?" as he holds my hands. ^///////^
    He'd hug me and ask what's up.
    He'd ask who wronged me so he could hunt them down and kill them O_O
    He'd take me somewhere secluded to talk.
    He'd....uh....ask what's wrong I guess.
    He'd panic for a while but I'll be okay in the end.

    A big group of guys show up and they're trying to get you! (oh noes) What does he do?

    He'd protect me. DUUUUH!!!
    He'd talk em all out in seconds and walk away with me like nothing happened.
    He'd kill everyone O_O unless they ran away of course.
    He'd glare at them and they'd run away. But he's always smiling with me!
    Grab me and run.

    How often does he call you?

    Not often since we see each other a lot.
    Often enough. I love when he calls. ^_^
    Never TT_TT
    Only if it's important.
    Maybe once a week.
    ALLL THE TIME! I think he's trying to get out of work.

    Where would he be in a battle?

    He's protecting people.
    He's facing the bad guys!
    Hopping around, fighting, etc. He's totally different in battle.
    He's killing everything with such a straight face.
    He's the bad guy! XD
    He's giving the orders.

    Who do you like best?


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