Barrigan of Illia What Sealed Sword Character Are You?

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    Are you a boy or a girl?


    What weapon do you use?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Swords of course!
    None or not listed.

    Do you have any family?

    Fa's family is gone. *whimper*
    Yes, But I don't get along with them, they don't understand...
    Yes! Of course!!! I have my parents and my dear brother!!!
    No...Not after Bern invaded...They took my Father... The only one left.
    Not for long.....

    What do you think of love?

    *blushes* Fa likes someone but Fa needs to be bigger first! But Fa made him promise to wait!
    I... Never really thought about it... There is a girl who told me to wait untill she grows....
    Hmph... Only if there is a man who can compare to my brother... I haven't met one yet...No one can compare to him!
    There is a girl... But love is for the weak, leave me alone...
    *blushes* Well I think everyone knows but him...
    *blushes* Yeah...I just wish I could tell her...

    Where do you live?

    Fa lives in Arcadia! But Fa isn't allowed outside and Fa gets lonely...
    Eturia...I have an identity I am not fond of...
    In a mansion in Eturia! Where else would you expect someone of my rank to live?!
    What is with all the questions!? IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!!!
    I live In Caslte Ostia, I need to make sure the Leauge isn't broken by my father's death, I must stay here...
    I live in Pharae, I must be there incase my fathers illness takes a bad turn and I must look out for the people!

    How about friends?

    Fa has few.... But the ones that Fa has are very precious to Fa!
    The only ones I have are in the resistance I lead...No one who knows my true identity...they must never find out.
    I don't NEED friends! I have my brother!
    Of course! I have very dear friends!
    Yes I have many but one means the most to me. *blush*

    What do you think of Dragons?

    Why would you ask Fa that? Fa is half-dragon! Of course Fa loves dragons!
    I see nothing wrong with them....
    My father taught me to respect them. ^-^
    Dragons? They are not here anymore. Why do you ask?
    My dad used to have a friend that was a dragon! Two actually!
    My dad loved a Dragon.

    What are some of your traits?

    Cuteness no one can ignore!
    Stronger then anyone would assume. (because of looks)
    Born Leader

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