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Gifts : Happy Birthday~!!! Vicious Pinky: Yes I did. Oma noma noma. Vicious Pinky: You should eat this Vicious Pinky: And this ^ makes many colours Vicious Pinky: Oh. Definitely. ;D Vicious Pinky: Well aren't you the bee's knees. Vicious Pinky: Viciously So :) Vicious Pinky: And you can have Pie :) Vicious Pinky: <3 Sabriela Hellena: SPECIAL DELIVERY and HBD! lunastarz: Happy Easter <3 Aiden Elric: happy valentines day!! chrono elric: thanks for the sub Sabriela Hellena: HBD! RedPandaAlchemist: Happy B-Day!! -Repaa Vicious Pinky: BIRFFDAY CAKE~ Sabriela Hellena: ...just because... RedPandaAlchemist: Wecome to the otaku!! -Repaa
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