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Which Azumanga Daioh Driver Are You?

Of course I'm safe...it's all the other cars on the road to be worried about! o.O

WhichTales of the Abyss Character Are You?

Suppose this one is more accurate

What Tales Of The Abyss Character Are You?

People like me? They really like me? Now if only people would let me voice her--they say it's not high enough >~<

What Six God General Are You?

o_O I think Intellegent is the only thing in common... XP

What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?

Oh goodie, I have a pure heart then, right?

What Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Character Are You?

In voice, cosplay and now in personality ~ ~ ~

How Do You Restore Your Eldel Raid Power?

Nummy! I do loves food, even if I'm picky X3 I suppose this would be for me, as I'm hypoglycemic.

Which KH Character Is In Your Party?

Totally randomly answered questions here...but I like the answer XD

What Dragon Quest VIII Character Are You?

Does this mean I have no personality? I guess it's true I don't talk much in a crowd...

Discovering Your YuYu Power!

Yeah, in reality I'm best with backup...actually reality is Koenma's jetpack and my O.C.s tend to have the Spirit Wave

What Disney Villain Are You?

...well...I did just play her in a KH Birth By Sleep trailer! XD Can I have Riku now?

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