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05/17/12 Toonami's coming back? !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
02/15/12 Lol, I lied. !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
11/03/11 Ohei, look! [Art inside~] !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
10/04/11 Tagged by GreenLeAfe !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
08/28/11 RP's aren't always RP's. !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
05/21/11 Happy End of the World Day, guys~ !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
05/01/11 So... is it over? !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
04/28/11 FINALLY. !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
03/27/11 New Art !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
02/20/11 I'm taking Commissions !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
02/06/11 Poll !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
01/18/11 Ouch, man, that really hurt... !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
01/15/11 Updated my manga again! !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
01/07/11 Passing it along [Please read] !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
12/25/10 MOAR Christmas Pics XD !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
12/23/10 Pics from mah new camera :3 !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
11/10/10 Wow, you guys are really awesome :3 !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
09/25/10 MANGA UP !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
08/31/10 Commission and Art Trade info !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
08/11/10 Yosei is a happy panda !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
01/15/10 What Black Magic Is !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
09/19/09 Untitled !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
04/02/09 Chapter 2 +~*A Wizard's List*~+
04/02/09 Chapter 1.5 +~*A Wizard's List*~+
02/18/09 Happy Birthday, Angelo! !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
01/08/09 Chapter 01 +~* The Butterfly Pearl *~+
01/07/09 Chapter 00 +~* The Butterfly Pearl *~+
04/25/08 Tokyo Is Kyoto Spelled Backwards !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
04/10/08 The Butterfly Pearl- Chapter I !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
04/07/08 The Butterfly Pearl: Opening Sequence !~*Yosei's Journal*~!
03/26/08 An Otaku is Born! !~*Yosei's Journal*~!

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