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Hetalia! What Country Are You?

Ha he ha he ha!

How Mature Do You Think?

lol! Its good I am one then isnt it!

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?

;_; I dont like her..

What Ace Attorney Character Are You?


What Kuroshitsuji Character Are You?

AWESOME!! I like Sebby ^_^

Which Durarara!! Character Are You?

Lol don't even like her that much, but this is probably true.. >_<

What Is Your Anime Eye Color?

Cool! Red is my favorite colour! ^^

What Case Closed Character Are You?

Cool! I guess... Who the heck is he?

What Sort Of theOtaku Member Are You?


What Element Fits You Best?

Good Quiz! lol

What Doll Are You?

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