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12/14/14 Vector: Yukito Kunisaki from Air Creative Paradox
12/07/14 Vector: Misuzu Kamio from Air Creative Paradox
11/23/14 Screencaps: PGSM Crystal episode 10! Creative Paradox
11/20/14 Vector: Ascoeur from Kiddy Grade 2 Creative Paradox
11/04/14 Icons: PGSM Crystal episode 9 [20] Creative Paradox
10/20/14 A short review of PGSM Crystal ep 07 Manga Rants
09/30/14 A short review of PGSM Crystal ep 06 Manga Rants
08/23/14 Screencaps: PGSM Crystal OP+ED+title cards Creative Paradox
08/09/14 Screencaps: PGSM Crystal episode 1! Creative Paradox
08/08/14 Screencaps: PGSM Crystal episode 2! Creative Paradox
07/12/14 CONTESTS: Knockout 2014 and Celebrate MT! TheO Headquarters
03/23/14 My history with the Doom games TheO Headquarters
03/07/14 Hikari no Machi by ASANO Inio Manga Rants
01/29/14 Scarlet by MADARAME Hiro (yaoi) Manga Rants
09/28/13 I dropped off the face of the earth. TheO Headquarters
05/17/13 Icons: made from my wallpapers! (3/3) Creative Paradox
05/08/13 Icons: made from my wallpapers! (2/3) Creative Paradox
05/04/13 Icons: made from my wallpapers! (1/3) Creative Paradox
05/02/13 Icons: made from my eCards! [30] Creative Paradox
04/12/13 Original wallpaper: Look! Creative Paradox
03/28/13 The Monkey's Foot by OSAKA Mieko Manga Rants
03/25/13 Akuma na Eros by SHINJO Mayu Manga Rants
08/04/12 Coloring manga scans: a mega-guide Creative Paradox
05/27/12 Eurovision 2012 chronicles Creative Paradox
01/02/12 IT IS HERE TheO Headquarters
08/11/11 Making icons: what to keep in mind Creative Paradox
10/25/10 How I Got Here: A Waller's Story Creative Paradox
10/07/10 5 ways to ruin your reading/viewing experienc.. Creative Paradox
08/23/08 13 Tips On Vectoring Creative Paradox
05/11/08 How To Write A Comment Creative Paradox
04/24/08 How To Design A Wallpaper - Tips And Guidelin.. Creative Paradox
04/01/08 Quality films - on the brink of extinction? Creative Paradox

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