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10/26/17 DIF - Wench ONESHOT The Starscream Collection
03/08/17 Miss Chat? Here's The Solution! Brigade
07/28/16 Wedding 24 July 2016 Axel's Diary
04/24/16 Facebook Live Broadcast at 8PM GMT Tonight Axel's Business World
03/30/16 RIP Stiny Axel's Diary
03/20/16 Brandon Paul Martin Axel's Diary
03/16/16 The Telephone (2016) Axel's Business World
02/11/16 Had Bad News Axel's Diary
07/28/15 Just A Small Update Axel's Diary
07/12/15 In Limbo Teaser Trailer Axel's Business World
07/08/15 In Limbo Behind The Scenes Photos Axel's Business World
07/06/15 That's A Wrap! Axel's Business World
04/17/15 Ionia Pig Charity Auction Axel's Business World
02/04/15 So Obvious The Library
01/08/15 Cola The Library
12/22/14 Christmas Chat Fest! Brigade
11/26/14 The True Nature Of Things The Starscream Collection
11/18/14 November Chat Fest Part 2! Brigade
11/17/14 November Chat Fest Brigade
08/12/14 Depression and Suicide Awareness Axel's Advice Hub
07/29/14 Birthday Treat For All! Brigade
04/23/14 Sorry Guys UPDATE - RIP Nan Axel's Diary
02/20/14 Newspapers, TV and Radio Axel's Diary
12/06/13 Limited Edition Halloween Ionia T-Shirts STIL.. Axel's Business World
12/02/13 Advent Scribble Axel's Diary
12/06/13 December Art Jam Brigade
11/03/13 Wipeout Of The Hero REDUX The Starscream Collection
10/31/13 Blessed Samhain/Happy Halloween Axel's Diary
10/27/13 Has It Really Been 10 Years!? Axel's Diary
10/07/13 Custom Orders TERMS & CONDITIONS Axel's Business World
10/07/13 PRODUCT LINE - Mystical Creatures Axel's Business World
10/05/13 NEW PRODUCTS - Giftwrap Axel's Business World
10/05/13 NEW PRODUCTS - Pet Accessories Axel's Business World
09/07/13 Spell: Clear Skies Miss Ardennes
08/09/13 How To Make: Comfrey Balm Miss Ardennes
08/09/13 How To Make: Lavender Oil Miss Ardennes
08/09/13 Art For Terminally/Seriously Ill Children Axel's Diary
08/08/13 The UNOFFICIAL TheO Comment Jam Brigade
11/04/13 Which One First? Axel's Diary
08/01/13 Commissions Axel's Diary
07/28/13 To Tablet Or Not Axel's Diary
07/26/13 Have Facebook? Join The Group! Axel's Diary
07/25/13 Art Trades: OPEN Axel's Diary
07/22/13 The Rachel's Explained The Starscream Collection
07/22/13 Fallen Angels The Starscream Collection
07/19/13 Oh, Ionia! - Part 1 - Panagiotis The Starscream Collection
07/11/13 Crimson Rain The Starscream Collection
07/04/13 As The Shumi Say... Axel's Diary
06/24/13 Apparently I was tagged... Axel's Diary
05/15/13 To: UK Otakus Axel's Diary
03/22/13 We Are Looking For Guest Posters! Brigade
03/17/13 Etsy: Buying and Selling Axel's Advice Hub
03/04/13 The Wedding Cake Saga Axel's Diary
03/01/13 Roleplaying Anyone? Axel's Diary
02/28/13 What Makes You Comment? Brigade
02/17/13 THAT'S NOT ART! Axel's Diary
02/15/13 RIP Greenie Axel's Diary
01/24/13 I Got Nominated For A Shorty Award Axel's Diary
01/20/13 30 Day Shipping Meme Axel's Diary
01/18/13 White Stuff... TONS Of It! Axel's Diary
01/16/13 Want A Plushie? Axel's Diary
01/11/13 Ended Up In Hospital Yesterday... Axel's Diary
01/04/13 Birthday Meal Axel's Diary
01/01/13 IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY! Axel's Diary
12/31/12 Comments For Comments Axel's Diary
12/27/12 2013 Hopes Axel's Diary
12/14/12 Newtown Connecticut Axel's Diary
01/11/13 Ebay Stuff Axel's Diary
12/02/12 Sparklies (X-Mas 2012) Axel's Diary
12/01/12 The UNLIKE National Parrot Sanctuary/Zoo Face.. Axel's Diary
11/22/12 Twitter Art Exhibition Axel's Diary
11/21/12 Anyone Fancy Some RP? Axel's Diary
11/17/12 WIP Christmas Gift For Lee Axel's Diary
11/16/12 Twitter: You Bumders Keep Blocking Me Axel's Diary
11/10/12 Calling All Creatives! Axel's Diary
10/29/12 Artist Feature: i77310 Brigade
10/28/12 New Meme On The Block Axel's Diary
10/28/12 Tagged by dfdfdf and byakuyarox1 Axel's Diary
10/26/12 Time To Bust Out The Big Hat... Axel's Diary
10/26/12 Welcome A Bud Of Mine Axel's Diary
10/24/12 Art: Making Money Axel's Advice Hub
10/18/12 RIP Fudge - 18/10/2012 Stiny Cam
10/13/12 Stressy Stress Axel's Diary
10/08/12 Would Anyone Be Interested? Axel's Diary
10/02/12 WARNING: Don't Purchase These Leg Rings! Stiny Cam
09/13/12 Melty Shoes Debut - Butterley Grange Mansion Axel's Business World
09/12/12 Hospital Update #123456787654564 Axel's Diary
09/01/12 Freja Axel's Business World
08/25/12 Georgette Finished! Axel's Business World
08/13/12 Quarto Publishing Axel's Diary
08/09/12 Want to chat to Ionia? Axel's Diary
07/29/12 Awaiting Our New Stock Axel's Business World
07/29/12 2012 Discounts List Axel's Business World
11/24/12 Challenge - Tell Your Story Axel's Diary
06/17/12 Transformers OC Meme The Starscream Collection
06/14/12 Excited! Axel's Diary
06/12/12 To Do List Axel's Diary
06/09/12 Element Meme Axel's Diary
06/08/12 Suggestion: Chat Bots
06/06/12 Melty Shoes Now Online! Axel's Diary
06/05/12 How Many Of You Have ASMR? Axel's Diary
05/27/12 To Axel & Yuna Readers + 10 Sketch Update Axel's Diary
06/03/12 Anyone Want A Flash Based Website? Axel's Diary
05/18/12 AWOC's Predecessor - Melty Cat Designs Axel's Business World
05/16/12 Image Moon LTD Photoshoot - 27/11/2011 Axel's Diary
05/16/12 Anna Clifton Photoshoot - 22/10/2011 Axel's Diary
05/16/12 RIP Lewis Axel's Diary
05/15/12 'Get To Know Yourself Better.' Axel's Diary
05/14/12 So, I watched the Hunger Games... Axel's Diary
05/13/12 To All You RP Lovers Out There! Axel's Diary
05/12/12 Fudge Says 'Choop'! Stiny Cam
05/12/12 Fudge Gets Scritches Stiny Cam
05/05/12 Guest List and Table Plan Axel's Diary
04/29/12 RP Axel's Diary
04/28/12 Brainstorming: Any Ideas? Axel's Diary
04/26/12 Wedding Update: Venue Booked! Axel's Diary
04/26/12 Venue: Old Hall Hotel, Buxton Axel's Diary
04/26/12 Venue: Tissington Hall, Tissington Axel's Diary
04/26/12 Venue: Osmaston Park, Ashbourne Axel's Diary
04/26/12 Venue: Colwick Hall, Nottingham Axel's Diary
04/26/12 Venue: Cressbrook Hall, Near Buxton Axel's Diary
06/13/12 Dresses Axel's Diary
04/25/12 Venue: Butterley Grange Mansion, Ripley Axel's Diary
04/24/12 Venue: New Bath Hotel, Matlock Bath Axel's Diary
04/24/12 Items Axel's Diary
11/10/12 Ask Axel #2! Axel's Diary
04/18/12 10 Sketches Update Axel's Diary
04/13/12 Skype Axel's Diary
04/13/12 Desserts Axel's Cookbook
04/13/12 Amidakuji 10 Sketches Axel's Diary
04/07/12 Help Us Out! Axel's Diary
04/07/12 Please Vote For Me And Lee (Rosencavalier) Axel's Diary
04/24/12 Bits 'n' Pieces Axel's Diary
03/26/12 New Cybertron RP Website Axel's Diary
03/03/12 Nicked Off Omnia BP Axel's Diary
02/24/12 Life WIth A Water Allergy Journal Now Up! Axel's Diary
02/14/12 The 14th of February Axel's Diary
02/08/12 Voice Meme FIN~ Axel's Diary
02/08/12 Voice Meme Ala Axel [CLOSED] Axel's Diary
02/04/12 IMPORTANT - Post Pals Commissions Axel's Diary
01/31/12 Meet The Family Axel's Diary
01/31/12 Using My Work Axel's Diary
01/29/12 Fish and Seafood Axel's Cookbook
01/24/12 Life WIth A Water Allergy Axel's Diary
01/24/12 'Need To Know' Recipes Axel's Cookbook
01/23/12 Interview On Wednesday Axel's Diary
01/22/12 Stolen from Deena Axel's Diary
01/18/12 New Product Line: Oh, Ionia! Axel's Business World
10/25/12 For All My Followers Axel's Advice Hub
01/17/12 My Birthday Meal: Moon Sha, Derby Axel's Diary
01/06/12 Insignificant Troubles The Starscream Collection
01/06/12 SFC - Cobalt's Initiation The Starscream Collection
01/05/12 Photoshoot 22/10/2011 Axel's Diary
01/04/12 Another Year Older... Axel's Diary
12/30/11 Car Accident Axel's Diary
12/16/11 Christmas 2011 - Cambridge Trip Axel's Diary
12/13/11 Candy Axel's Cookbook
12/13/11 Art Thief Problem Axel's Diary
12/03/11 Job - Comic Artist Needed Axel's Diary
11/29/11 People Per Hour Axel's Advice Hub
11/10/11 Card Competition - On Behalf of PostPals Axel's Diary
12/24/11 'Bout that time, eh chaps? Axel's Diary
10/30/11 Halloween 2011 Axel's Diary
10/19/11 I Like You Too... The Starscream Collection
10/15/11 Skill Pages Axel's Advice Hub
10/14/11 Me In The Dress Axel's Diary
10/13/11 Job Opportunity Axel's Diary
10/10/11 Photoshoot Axel's Diary
09/14/11 For Those Who Love Forums Axel's Diary
09/05/11 Sauces, Marinades and Dips Axel's Cookbook
09/03/11 LinkedIn Axel's Advice Hub
09/01/11 Coming Soon! Axel's Business World
08/30/11 It's Been A While... Axel's Business World
08/04/11 To You Transformers Fans Out There Axel's Diary
07/09/11 Get To Know: Aetna The Starscream Collection
07/06/11 Get To Know: Ionia The Starscream Collection
07/01/11 Get To Know: Rachel The Starscream Collection
06/20/11 ...aaaAAAHHH! Axel's Diary
05/22/11 URGENT NEWS for Axel & Yuna Readers! Axel's Diary
05/18/11 To Axel & Yuna Readers Axel's Diary
11/10/11 Axel's Art-Related Info Axel's Diary
10/18/11 Wouldn't Change A Thing... The Starscream Collection
02/14/11 Meals, Mud and Blue John Axel's Diary
01/19/11 My Island Home by Ionia The Starscream Collection
01/13/12 Cakes and Cookies Axel's Cookbook
08/06/11 Beef Dishes Axel's Cookbook
01/26/11 Post Pals Axel's Diary
11/20/09 I Hope The Starscream Collection
09/06/11 The Derbyshire Dialect "Ay up, m'duck!"
10/20/09 Halloween Clothes Catastrophe The Starscream Collection
06/25/09 Go Go Gadgetinis: Ballroom Blunder The Starscream Collection
06/20/09 "How Could You Forget Bread?" The Starscream Collection
08/09/13 The Busy Year of a Patron Miss Ardennes
03/18/09 Noodle Shop - That Pest Lune The Starscream Collection
02/11/09 Axel News - Issue #1 The Starscream Collection
01/26/09 All My Fault The Starscream Collection
11/26/08 Sweet Sorrow The Starscream Collection
11/26/08 Summer Surprise The Starscream Collection
11/20/08 SFC - As Told By Rachel The Starscream Collection
03/01/13 Tips On Getting Published Axel's Advice Hub
07/24/08 Wacky Races 2004 The Starscream Collection
07/18/08 Vision of Creation The Starscream Collection
07/09/08 My Falling Star The Starscream Collection
07/09/08 "Currently Untitled". The Starscream Collection
06/10/08 New in Town The Starscream Collection
06/10/08 Starscream's Pizza The Starscream Collection

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