Quiz Results SmallxLady

What Anime Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?

This is more reasonable than the red. I think this works better for me

What Neopet Are You?

I...I'm a puppy? But I wanna be a kitty

What Kobato Character Are You Most Like?

This doesn't surprise me. I love Chitose very much

What Anime Flower Symbol Are You?

Have I taken this before?

What Super Power Do You Have?

Immortal like a vampire without the iron deficiency? I'm in so long asOkami can have this gift too

Which Yokai Character Are You? (Original Work)

This quiz was a real treat. I had a lot of fun with it

Which Undertale Soul Are You?

Yay I'm blue!

Which Soul Eater Character Are You Most Like?

Hmm I'm not to sure I'm at the Maka standard of doing things ^^;; I thought if anyone I'd be tsubaki

What Madoka Magica Character Are You?

Wow I never expected this result at all o.o

Which Celestial Ring Character Are You?

Well easy going yeah but idk about wise and smart ^^;;

What Anime Character Are You?

I guess that's true. I am sort of hard on myself

What Anime Hair Color Would You Have?

Me seriously? I'm not that mature ^^;;

What Super Mario 3D World Character Suits You Best?

XD this is funny because I always play as Peach

Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

Id say thats fair. When it comes to those I care about...no one can stop me

What Doll Are You?

And Im adorable!

Hi there friend!

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