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08/20/10 The Bat and The Plant Untold Naruto FairyTales
11/07/09 ShukakuXNaruto~ Wasn't Simply Meant To Be... Untold Naruto FairyTales
05/13/09 Annoying Poe Untold Naruto FairyTales
04/24/09 She Loves You, Sasuke Anime Music Club
01/10/09 A Heartless Love Untold Naruto FairyTales
01/07/09 A Thousand Teeth Untold Naruto FairyTales
12/29/08 ShukakuStein Untold Naruto FairyTales
12/25/08 Two Mates Find Love Jessica's Blog/Contests
12/25/08 The Legendary Nine and a Sneak Peek at Pizza Untold Naruto FairyTales
12/23/08 An Unusual Sensai Untold Naruto FairyTales
12/16/08 The Rampage for Jess Untold Naruto FairyTales
10/18/08 Life of a Funky Demon Shukaku & Kyuubi's World
10/16/08 Nightmare With Sand Untold Naruto FairyTales
10/12/08 Gaara the Drunkard:A sequel Untold Naruto FairyTales
10/12/08 Two Mates Find Love Untold Naruto FairyTales
09/30/08 No More Naruto? {{Moonshine}}
07/28/08 My Childhood Teh Biju Club
07/17/08 The Demon Trio theme song:Rappers Delight Teh Biju Club
07/16/08 New Ninja Club Rap Song {{Moonshine}}
07/08/08 The Ninja Club Rap {{Moonshine}}
07/03/08 King Shukaku Part 1 Shukaku & Kyuubi's World
06/27/08 The Three Demonteers Part 3 Shukaku & Kyuubi's World
06/26/08 The Three Demonteers Part 2 Shukaku & Kyuubi's World
06/26/08 The Three Demonteers Part 1 Shukaku & Kyuubi's World
06/26/08 The Three Demonteers The beginning Shukaku & Kyuubi's World
06/18/08 Shukaku's childhood Shukaku & Kyuubi's World
06/08/08 Sasuke and the Pepperstalk Chapter 1 Untold Naruto FairyTales
06/08/08 The Tanuki's Money (Misa's Story) Chapter 1 Untold Naruto FairyTales
05/26/08 Naruto Movie 2 Part 2 Jessica's Blog/Contests
04/27/08 Naruto Movie 2(the real Movie) Jessica's Blog/Contests
04/14/08 Anime Movie 1: Saving Daft Punk Jessica's Blog/Contests
03/23/08 Ninja Idol Awesome Ninjaz Club
03/12/08 Dancing Ninja(Naruto/Kingdom Hearts Crossover.. Awesome Ninjaz Club

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