Quiz Results Sakura Kokoro

Which Madoka Magica Girl Are You?

I don't want to lose my head...(; v :)

Which Final Fantasy VII Protagonist Are You?

<33333333333 Yay <3 :D I love you, Cloud!!

Which Pokemon Villain Are You?


Which Hetalia Character Are You?

...Eh?! (O A O||)

What Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You?

I really don't like her...(- _ -;)

What Zelda Weapon Are You?

:DDD *excited*

What Color Link Are You?

Still and forever~

Which Zelda Character Are You?


What Chipette Are You?


What Kind Of Japanese Fan Are You?

(- w -)

Which My Little Pony Are You?


My Little Pony Personality Test!

Yay? :D

Yup, and to sum it up, Pottermore agrees~

Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?

Haha! :D

Are You A Fujoshi Otaku?

What is fujoshi?? XDD;;

Hi there friend!

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