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Which Inuyasha Character are You?

Sango!! cool ^^

What Chrono Crusade Character Are You?

No Comment

Which Sailor Scout Are You?

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What Ceres girl are you?

No Comment

No Comment

nice ^^

Which Durarara!! Character Are You?

wow Celty ⥠great quiz!!

What Case Closed Character Are You?

Kya!!!! Kudo-kun!

What Type Of Humor Do You Have?

oh yeah...that's me ^_____^ Proud of this result

Soul...hmmm...nice, he's cool ^^

What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?

Nice ^___^

What Noah Family Member Are You?

Tyki rulz ^_____^

What Espada Are You?

interesting...that is all I can say...

Tao Ren !!! Oh yeah...he rulz my kingdom ^___^

What Sort Of theOtaku Member Are You?

interesting result, I never thought being like that...but I guess I am ^____^

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