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Gifts hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday ⥠SuperAnimegirl33: Happy Birthday! ^.^ nikkeh09: Happy Happy Birthday!!! nikkeh09: thanks for the sub ^^ akachi shiro: Good luck panda! XD gdaneqa: happy birthday! ~~ : happy birthday! akachi shiro: Happy birthday!! akachi shiro: Happy birthday : gnight we seemed to hit it off today!;3 akachi shiro: congrats girl on the promotion ;D Morbid Dollie: Congratulations on the promotion!!! Morbid Dollie: Congratulations on the promotion!!! crazyanimegrl: thanks for subs~ : here's some vitamin c: : calm down and eat some cake <3 narutogirl96349: Panda!! FancyTailCoat: I feel like you deserve a gift. ^_^ here : congrats on the promotion! :D Foreveralone4ever: <3 Foreveralone4ever: <3 Foreveralone4ever: <3 Foreveralone4ever: <3 Foreveralone4ever: <3 Ikemarth: Happy Easter! =D gdaneqa: happy blated birthday :) : Happy Birthday!! ^^ Ikemarth: Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!! :D narutogirl96349: Happy b-day my BFF ^^ akachi shiro: happy birthday ^-^ Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!! KalySama : Happy Birthday! SuperAnimegirl33: Happy Birthday!! :D shine moonlight: Happy Birthday Manga! : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! TheDarkEclipse: Haps-2-U! narutogirl96349: arrow to the knee >v< narutogirl96349: for you derp ^3^ Ikemarth: Merry Christmas! =D Foreveralone4ever: Herp narutogirl96349: 0____________0 dark shryuuoken: A CUDDLE BUDDY :) akachi shiro: onee-chan! narutogirl96349: YUM narutogirl96349: lawls narutogirl96349: kisame sushi!...............ew narutogirl96349: Excellent!!! akachi shiro: :3 akachi shiro: : P narutogirl96349: Ramen for you! akachi shiro: i'm ma banana akachi shiro: i heart pumpkin akachi shiro: KITTY!!! akachi shiro: :D KyanChan: Thanks so much, Manga! akachi shiro: =P narutogirl96349: kel kel kel X3 Black Dahlia: Yum! Black Dahlia: Blue and Purple to color your drawings!! narutogirl96349: have some pocky :)
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