Quiz Results luluseason

What Sonic Character Are You?

awww but im probaly not in reality haha


What K-ON! Band Character Are You?


What Legendary Pokemon Are You?

=w= lolllll not bad not bad

Which SOS Brigade Member Are You?


What Soul Eater Are You?


What Higurashi Character Are You?


What Mermaid Melody Princess Are You?

im really not but meh LOL

What Code Geass Character Are You?

oooooo x3

What Sailor Star Are You?

i dont even watch it LOLLL

What Type Of Gamer Are You?

yup yup thats me xDD i only get competitive when im actually good at the game LOL

Are You Meer Or Lacus?

LOLL defeats the whole purpose of the quiz DD;

What Anime Season Are You?


Who Is Your Host Type?

LMAOOOOO xDD hunny is my fav though xD

What Vampire Knight Character Are You?

;D LOL. do i really? xD

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