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What Fairy Tail Character Are You?

I strip? o_o

Why am I always Japan? Shouldn't I be America?

Hetalia! What Country Are You?

Go Japan! I've never watched this show!!

What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?

Hmmm, intresting. I thought I'd get the good bashing type.

What Is Your Emblem?

Mwahahaha!! Everyone must bow to me and my infinite knowledge!!!

What Kingdom Hearts Character Are You?

Go Roxas! I wish I could just hug him.

What Espada Are You?

Haha, I'm a hot guy. I like him when he's not beating up Ichigo.

What Type Of Superhero Would Adam Be?

Why did I take this again?

What Legendary Otaku Fanart Artist Are You?


Who Is YOUR Anime Boss?

Okay, he's pretty awesome.

What Kind Of Fighter Are You?

Yay! I kill people with skill!

What Bender Are You?

I'm a tomboy, yay!

What NCIS Character Are You?

Haha, I'm so funny when I'm made fun of my Tony.

How Mature Do You Think?

Oh yay, I'm boring...

What Kuroshitsuji Character Are You?


Hi there friend!

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