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10/08/15 AILEE - I WILL SHOW YOU Music Mania
10/08/15 LOVELYZ - Ah Choo ~ Music Mania
05/18/15 Taylor Swift - BAD BLOOD Music Mania
05/06/15 Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V: Serena & Yuzu Flowery Garden
05/06/15 BoA - WHO ARE YOU Music Mania
05/05/15 Taylor Swift - BLANK SPACE Music Mania
05/05/15 Taylor Swift - STYLE Music Mania
05/05/15 Saturn Icons Flowery Garden
05/05/15 CutiePur Icons Flowery Garden
04/29/15 DISNEY ICONS 100x100 Flowery Garden
04/17/15 RED VELVET - AUTOMATIC Music Mania
04/17/15 GFRIEND - GLASS BEAD Music Mania
04/02/15 RED VELVET - ICE CREAM CAKE Music Mania
04/02/15 EXO - CALL ME BABY Music Mania
01/05/15 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 Akane's World
03/14/14 So tired ._. Akane's World
03/14/14 INVISIBLE Music Mania
03/13/14 Titanium (COVER) Music Mania
03/13/14 Lord of The Rings Medley Music Mania
03/13/14 Crystallize Music Mania
03/12/14 All of Me Music Mania
03/09/14 HAPPY Music Mania
03/09/14 Come Back Home Music Mania
03/09/14 MR. MR. Music Mania
03/09/14 Icon request for ItachiSasuke Flowery Garden
03/01/14 iPhone wallpaper: WARNING (+17) Flowery Garden
02/28/14 Icons for Aka Yuki Flowery Garden
02/19/14 PS Action 11: Wonderstruck Flowery Garden
02/17/14 Icons Akatsuki no Yona Flowery Garden
02/12/14 PS Action 10: Lychee Flowery Garden
02/12/14 To The Beginning Music Mania
02/12/14 It Will Rain Music Mania
02/10/14 PSD 02 by flowerakane Flowery Garden
02/10/14 PS Action 09: Megurine Flowery Garden
02/10/14 Icons for ElementalNinja Flowery Garden
02/04/14 HAKUOKI ICONS FOR DIANOTE Flowery Garden
02/03/14 GIFS CARDS Flowery Garden
02/03/14 A Big Surprise!! Akane's World
01/29/14 Icons for Klassic Flowery Garden
01/28/14 Icons for Janetchan Flowery Garden
01/22/14 Shout it out!!! Music Mania
01/22/14 Latest NEWS!! Flowery Garden
01/22/14 ARIGATOU MINNA!!! :D Akane's World
01/15/14 I got beaten -_-" Akane's World
01/11/14 Icons for Angel Zakuro Flowery Garden
01/11/14 Q&A Section: ANSWER :) Akane's World
01/09/14 +Anima Icons for Kita Mikichi Flowery Garden
01/08/14 Icons for HelloKatty Flowery Garden
01/08/14 Icons for Soulanime14: DRR & Tales of the.. Flowery Garden
01/08/14 CODE GEASS ICONS Flowery Garden
01/07/14 Icon for XxArrancarFanxX: Pokemon N & Ghe.. Flowery Garden
01/06/14 Icons Paradise Kiss for Hifsa Flowery Garden
01/05/14 Boyce Avenue COVER Music Mania
01/05/14 Icons 4 ElementalNinja: SnK Mikasa Ackerman &.. Flowery Garden
01/05/14 Icon Shishio Satsuki for HIFSA Flowery Garden
01/09/14 Icon Request OPEN Flowery Garden
12/31/13 EYES OPEN Music Mania
12/31/13 MEAN Music Mania
12/31/13 PS action 08: Autumn Flowery Garden
12/31/13 PS Action 07: Soffy Flowery Garden
01/05/14 Wish on 2014: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Akane's World
01/09/14 Q&A Section: Any Question?? Akane's World
12/26/13 Remember December Music Mania
12/29/13 THANK YOU!!! Akane's World
12/25/13 Secret Santa Icon Flowery Garden
12/19/13 Hit the lights Music Mania
12/17/13 Ammy Lee's goddess voice <3 Music Mania
12/17/13 Evanescence Music Mania
12/17/13 Special gift of the year: CHRISTMAS PACK Flowery Garden
12/15/13 Back to December Music Mania
12/15/13 Christmas Pack: a Question 4 you Flowery Garden
12/11/13 OVA Shingeki no Kyojin: Ilse no Techou inform.. Akane's World
12/09/13 Attack on Titan Live movie poster Akane's World
12/06/13 Happy Birthday :D Akane's World
12/04/13 Icon in Actions Set Flowery Garden
12/03/13 Dropped Series Akane's World
12/03/13 PS Action 06: Vocaloid HATSUNE Flowery Garden
12/02/13 Lonely in Gorgeous Music Mania
12/02/13 PS Action 05 : Colorful Flowery Garden
12/02/13 PSD 01 Flowery Garden
12/01/13 RIP Paul Warker :( Akane's World
11/30/13 PS Action 04 : Sakura Blossom Flowery Garden
11/30/13 PS Action 03 : Winter-Wetty Flowery Garden
11/30/13 PS Action 02 : Winter-Coldness Flowery Garden
11/30/13 PS Action 01 : Summer Flowery Garden
11/29/13 Angelic icon Set Flowery Garden
11/29/13 Unconditionally Music Mania
11/29/13 Let it go (Official Music Video) Music Mania
11/29/13 Neon Lights (New Single) Music Mania
11/25/13 Moved out!! Akane's World
11/13/13 My Oh My Music Mania
11/12/13 Best Song of (SNSD) Kim Taeyeon Music Mania
11/12/13 2013.Nov.10 - a sweet memory.. Akane's World
11/04/13 MINI BANNER Flowery Garden
11/04/13 Flowery Garden: Mini Banner Flowery Garden
11/04/13 Uchiha Icon Set Flowery Garden
11/04/13 Orange Banner Flowery Garden
12/05/13 Secret Santa 2013 Wishlist Akane's World
11/02/13 FLAGS Music Mania
11/02/13 Galaxy Supernova Music Mania
11/02/13 My first gif Card Akane's World
11/01/13 Everybody got somebody but me.. Music Mania
10/30/13 Eternal Love Music Mania
10/29/13 Let it go.. Music Mania
10/26/13 New Banner :3 Flowery Garden
10/24/13 We Found The Love.. Music Mania
10/24/13 Love the way you lie.. Music Mania
10/24/13 Unfaithful.. Music Mania
10/23/13 Sweeter than Fiction Music Mania
10/21/13 Icon Set for VIOLLET Flowery Garden
10/21/13 CHANGE Music Mania
10/21/13 Vocaloid "SeeU" Icon Set Flowery Garden
10/19/13 Icon Prize for Crimson-Rose Flowery Garden
10/19/13 Icon Prize for ElementalNinja Flowery Garden
05/05/15 RIP: Request In Progress Flowery Garden
10/18/13 New Assignment!!! Akane's World
10/17/13 Best Song Cover!!! Music Mania
10/17/13 Anima Icons Set Flowery Garden
10/16/13 20icons of The World God Only Knows Flowery Garden
10/16/13 Stars Dance Album Music Mania
10/16/13 Breathe Music Mania
10/16/13 WINNER of "Love For Japan" Akane's World
10/16/13 My Beloved Cat: Binar Akane's World
10/16/13 My latest news!!! Akane's World
09/03/13 Update.. Akane's World
08/28/13 Saiunkoku Monogatari OST Music Mania
08/28/13 Sainkoku Monogatari Icon Set Flowery Garden
08/27/13 WANEGBT Music Mania
08/27/13 Kawaaii Icon Set Flowery Garden
08/27/13 Wonderland Set.. Flowery Garden
08/26/13 ROSE Music Mania
08/26/13 Winter Sleep Music Mania
08/26/13 SHE WON.. THANK YOU!!! Akane's World
08/25/13 CHALLENGE REMINDER!!! Akane's World
08/24/13 Destiny Ninja.. Akane's World
08/22/13 Just finished.. Akane's World
08/19/13 My cousin's wedding.. Akane's World
08/16/13 I am..Back?? Akane's World
08/09/13 IT'S THE BEST!!! Akane's World
08/07/13 a New discovery.. Akane's World
08/04/13 TUMBLR..? Akane's World
08/04/13 a Statement.. Akane's World
08/04/13 Swiftie Icon Set Flowery Garden
08/04/13 I am pretty sure :) Akane's World
08/04/13 She says... Music Mania
08/03/13 Diamonds Music Mania
08/03/13 Enchanted Music Mania
08/03/13 Dear John Music Mania
08/03/13 f(x)- Rum Pum Pum Pum MV Music Mania
08/03/13 Angelic Set Flowery Garden
08/02/13 I miss him!! Akane's World
08/02/13 Icons for SweeTea Flowery Garden
08/02/13 Long time.. Akane's World
07/22/13 OFF!!! Akane's World
07/22/13 Let me convince you Akane's World
07/22/13 Favor please? Music Mania
07/22/13 Shameless.. Akane's World
07/21/13 Slow Down Music Mania
07/21/13 Beauty Icons Flowery Garden
07/21/13 Blue Bird - Ikimono Gakari Music Mania
07/21/13 Blue Wish e-Card Flowery Garden
07/21/13 It sucks.. Akane's World
07/21/13 50icons-Variety of Colors Flowery Garden
07/19/13 Soulanime14icon Flowery Garden
07/19/13 Kalafina - Haru wa Ougon no Yume no Naka Music Mania
07/19/13 Icon for HelloKatty Flowery Garden
07/18/13 Icon03 - FlowerAkane Flowery Garden
07/18/13 Melody of Love Music Mania
07/18/13 Made in The USA Music Mania
07/17/13 Icon2 Flowery Garden
07/16/13 Macross Frontier OST Music Mania
07/16/13 Is this really wrong? Akane's World
07/15/13 Tokyo Dogs OST Music Mania
07/15/13 OST Pandora Hearts Music Mania
07/15/13 Flowery Garden Akane's World
07/15/13 Icon01 Flowery Garden
07/14/13 Kalafina - ARIA Music Mania
07/13/13 A Year Without Rain Music Mania
07/13/13 Come & Get it Music Mania
07/13/13 It's Love Music Mania
07/13/13 FINALLY I got my laptop back.. Akane's World
07/09/13 Girls at Home.. Music Mania
07/08/13 Gintama ICON Akane's World
07/08/13 Let me share you my secret ;) Akane's World
07/08/13 CONGRATULATION :) Akane's World
07/07/13 Girls related song.. Music Mania
07/07/13 My Laptop crushed.. Akane's World
07/06/13 Hi Music Lovers :) Music Mania
07/06/13 New World: Music Mania Akane's World
07/05/13 This is why I love her Akane's World
07/03/13 Learning Vectoring is confusing.. Akane's World
07/01/13 a Problem has occured Akane's World
06/27/13 UNEXPECTED EVENTS Akane's World
06/20/13 Celebrity appreciation!! Akane's World
06/20/13 Challenge Prize II Akane's World
06/19/13 Challenge Prize Akane's World
06/18/13 I have been promoted Akane's World
06/18/13 Long time no SEE :) Akane's World
01/21/12 THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! Akane's World
01/21/12 I MISS TheO (New Story of Me) Akane's World
11/24/11 Manga OST Challenge Akane's World
11/07/11 Housebreaker Akane's World
10/23/11 SNSD - How Great Is Your Love Akane's World
10/23/11 Finally !!!! Akane's World

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