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Gifts LoveKouichi: Birthday pocky for the bird lol Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! KiKaiya: We prob shouldnt watch SH with Celty eh? KiKaiya: MARRY DAY OF THE DEAD!!!! *glomps* KiKaiya: The head from our Pumpkin King~ >3 KiKaiya: K. Have fun with your Spaniard~ KiKaiya: Truce, ja? ..... For now then~ >3  lolz KiKaiya: Oh mon dieu OxO *set a mirror in hisway* KiKaiya: Wittle Ita-Italy? .o.   lol KiKaiya: Der SIEG ist Mein!!! >DD KiKaiya: keskeskeskeskes~ KiKaiya: Russia: So, I now Gift spam you, da? >:D KiKaiya: *throws Spain* >3 KiKaiya: *distracts Canada?* ._.  >.>just in case KiKaiya: *distracts America* >D KiKaiya: *distracts England* >D KiKaiya: Now I take Youz Site as My Own! >xD kes~ KiKaiya: >] *attacks with gilbird* You Are Gone! KiKaiya: Oi btw Someone wants to kill yourman .x. KiKaiya: New World, FTW! Guess what's inside~ >] : Thanks for subbing to me! ^_^ KiKaiya: a Strawberry maybe?._. -shrugshas Ichigo KiKaiya: Maybe we should try fending her off with KiKaiya: Plushie War on our Butts again. D: ~hide KiKaiya: Plus I need back up when Mei goes KiKaiya: Cause I love ya like a Sister too! LoveKouichi: Watch for your sneaky Cheshire Cat >3 LoveKouichi: Happy Easter, your Red Queen-ness ;3 KiKaiya: Happy 3.14 Day!!! XD KiKaiya: Yes~B3 Join.. Shizei in the sinking! XD; Support KIRA: Happy Vday/Anti-Vday as well xD KiKaiya: : To our Kyolex~ May V-day melt ya. ^.~ LoveKouichi: Happah V-day and Anti V-day XP LoveKouichi: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! XD LoveKouichi: Happy Birthdayyy! XD *made a cake* KiKaiya: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Sis! ^^ KiKaiya: Happy B-day!! =D *throws Dotachin plush* KiKaiya: You might want to find 'something' warm~ KiKaiya: It's getting cold outside Alex-chan~ LoveKouichi: Awww what wrong, Alehei? >;D KiKaiya: Congrad's! Toeto-Alex~ ^.~ *Haha* LoveKouichi: Happy late T-day Bird XD; KiKaiya: Happy late Thanksgiving Toeto Sis!! ;3 KiKaiya: Hang in there Toeto!~  =^w^= KiKaiya: hallow part, so the SS doesn't freak out KiKaiya: Hallow's Eve!! B3 Just leave out the KiKaiya: Have a Happy Scary KiKaiya: HA!Izaya beats Shizu-chan in gifting. B3 KiKaiya: Thanks Alex!!!!!! *HUGS* LoveKouichi: Pftt not you too XD KiKaiya: Izaya randomly drops a gift XD; Support KIRA: An Axe to Entertain you. :3 LoveKouichi: Luxex or Malex? BD KiKaiya: I fig'ed ^^; Why must thy come but once! LoveKouichi: Spreading more Halloween fun >;D KiKaiya: Because I can't wait for Halloween! lol LoveKouichi: Here are your plushies, emothbird >:3 KiKaiya: See Told ya that you would like it! LoveKouichi: Cause random gifts are fun >:3
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