Juushiro Ukitake

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Gifts Kasbaarg: Strawberry shortcake, next time we meet Urahara  Kisuke: Happy Birthday, Juushiro *smiles* Kita Miyamoto: Happy Birthday, my friend... (: Elix3r: Thinking of you... Haxelo: Merry Christmas!! <3 *huggles* AmazingDanni: Cookie for you! :) Kasbaarg: Merry Christmas, Captain. yuchistar: thank you very much..*blush* : *hugs* Miss you~Ukitake-taichou. kitabug69: *heart felt* Thank you, I owe you one... RedPandaAlchemist: Hope you're feelin' well!!! ouransgirl: A gift for my favorite Captain!
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07/21/14 Interlude in the Forest of the Menos Hueco Mundo
01/05/14 The Rescue Part 2: Happy Moments The Backroom of the Shop
01/03/14 Belated Sad Report First Division

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