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11/23/13 goodbye ~perpetually hungry~
12/25/12 [Download] Tsunayoshi Sawada Icons for Kami-c.. ~perpetually hungry~
11/01/12 WIHSILT 2K12 ~perpetually hungry~
07/14/12 8th (+10) Birthday shit and money updates ~perpetually hungry~
11/03/12 desperate for money = might quit college [edi.. ~perpetually hungry~
11/14/11 WISHLIST :) ~perpetually hungry~
07/31/11 Trivia # 31 - July 31, 2011 ~perpetually hungry~
07/18/11 BIRTHDAY - July 12 :)) ~perpetually hungry~
06/13/11 what is this f*ckery, guuuuurrrrrl???? ~perpetually hungry~
06/01/11 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! ~perpetually hungry~
05/20/11 Bless This Post ~perpetually hungry~
05/19/11 help!!!! bad dreams D: ~perpetually hungry~
05/11/11 laptop! XD ~perpetually hungry~
05/03/11 something fishy... ~perpetually hungry~
04/26/11 WTF!? Zerochan!!! D:< ~perpetually hungry~
04/22/11 GIF weehee-nees :D ~perpetually hungry~
04/19/11 I heart theOtaku! winners ~perpetually hungry~
04/13/11 theO graduation gifts ~perpetually hungry~
04/10/11 latest wallpaper ~perpetually hungry~
04/06/11 My Graduation ~perpetually hungry~
04/06/11 [Photos] Graduation Gifts ~perpetually hungry~
04/04/11 so sad :'( ~perpetually hungry~
03/27/11 Graduation ~perpetually hungry~
03/26/11 weehee!!! :D ~perpetually hungry~
03/26/11 my recent cards - K-Pop ~perpetually hungry~
03/26/11 I Wanna Do A Funny Dance!!! >:D ~perpetually hungry~
03/25/11 I Won? ~perpetually hungry~
03/23/11 a message for Kevin Woo <3 ~perpetually hungry~
03/23/11 shocking news! D: ~perpetually hungry~
03/22/11 #prayforPhilippines ~perpetually hungry~
03/22/11 unlucky updates -_- ~perpetually hungry~
03/19/11 [Photos] 03-18-2011 Recollection ~perpetually hungry~
03/17/11 you've got to see this ~perpetually hungry~
03/16/11 sad and scared ~perpetually hungry~
03/09/11 great achievements!!! :)) ~perpetually hungry~
03/06/11 woohoohooo ~perpetually hungry~
03/06/11 suddenly got sad... ~perpetually hungry~
03/05/11 cheer me up ~perpetually hungry~
03/04/11 I'm dead... -_- ~perpetually hungry~
02/24/11 lonely ~perpetually hungry~
02/20/11 [Photos] Today's Souvenirs ~perpetually hungry~
02/14/11 SPECIAL WALLPAPERS! ~perpetually hungry~
02/13/11 Anniversary :)) Part 2 ~perpetually hungry~
02/12/11 Anniversary :)) Part 1 ~perpetually hungry~
02/08/11 Plants vs Zombies ~perpetually hungry~
02/04/11 f*cking essay ~perpetually hungry~
02/03/11 Bad News ~perpetually hungry~
01/26/11 1 Year Anniversary ~perpetually hungry~
01/22/11 Together <3 by twinklesakura ~perpetually hungry~
01/22/11 josephine12cute endorsements ~perpetually hungry~
01/16/11 Oh Jae Moo ~perpetually hungry~
01/15/11 First Place Again! :D ~perpetually hungry~
01/14/11 cloud55strife & sleepinglionheart ~perpetually hungry~
01/14/11 Ultimate Math Nerds ~perpetually hungry~
01/09/11 A Whole New World ~perpetually hungry~
12/30/10 Wallpaper Collab ~perpetually hungry~
12/26/10 brain teasers - answers revealed!!! ~perpetually hungry~
12/25/10 I won.. and completed a challenge :) ~perpetually hungry~
12/24/10 "merry christmas" ~perpetually hungry~
12/21/10 what I've been up to lately ~perpetually hungry~
12/20/10 upcoming wallpapers - previews! ((: ~perpetually hungry~
12/19/10 very busy week for ballroom and x-mas party ~perpetually hungry~
12/10/10 My Early Gifts for Everyone!!! ~perpetually hungry~
12/09/10 Study, study, study!!! ~perpetually hungry~
12/01/10 December activities ~perpetually hungry~
11/27/10 I Won!!!! (the second time) ~perpetually hungry~
11/26/10 ON NE S'AIMERA PLUS JAMAIS ~perpetually hungry~
11/24/10 Happy Birthday, Grandpa! ~perpetually hungry~
11/20/10 Putting Images Inside Texts ~perpetually hungry~
11/19/10 Wallpaper Thief! 2 ~perpetually hungry~
11/18/10 Why do I like Saiyuki so much? ~perpetually hungry~
11/16/10 Can you guess what this is? ~perpetually hungry~
11/13/10 I Won!!!! ~perpetually hungry~
11/10/10 Entrance Exam ~perpetually hungry~
11/05/10 funny coincidence ~perpetually hungry~
11/04/10 role play &... dancing? ~perpetually hungry~
11/03/10 Yawning Dog ~perpetually hungry~
10/30/10 Tell The Truth Survey ~perpetually hungry~
10/30/10 60 Things You Should Know About Me ~perpetually hungry~
10/30/10 your doll :)) ~perpetually hungry~
10/30/10 happy halloween ~perpetually hungry~
10/29/10 Iwo Jima Mementos ~perpetually hungry~
10/29/10 Happy Birthday Herschel!!! ~perpetually hungry~
10/26/10 collaboration :)) ~perpetually hungry~
10/25/10 shades of purple ~perpetually hungry~
10/25/10 kicking things up ~perpetually hungry~
10/22/10 Wallpaper Thief! ~perpetually hungry~
10/16/10 Psychological Test ~perpetually hungry~
10/14/10 Any suggestions? ~perpetually hungry~
10/13/10 "Your Doll" Step by Step Process ~perpetually hungry~
10/12/10 To Every Guy... ~perpetually hungry~
10/10/10 10-10-2010 ~perpetually hungry~
10/10/10 lucky mafia ~perpetually hungry~
10/09/10 Is this Love ~perpetually hungry~
10/08/10 Luckie ~perpetually hungry~
10/05/10 my autobiography ~perpetually hungry~
10/04/10 night trip ~perpetually hungry~
10/01/10 major major print screen power!!! ~perpetually hungry~
10/01/10 PaoPorsche ~perpetually hungry~
10/01/10 featured... again :)) ~perpetually hungry~
09/29/10 read and study ~perpetually hungry~
09/26/10 runaway like no other ~perpetually hungry~
09/24/10 my challenge!!! ~perpetually hungry~
09/22/10 ::promoted:: ~perpetually hungry~
09/20/10 baseball bishies ~perpetually hungry~
09/19/10 What if...? ~perpetually hungry~
09/10/10 if time... ~perpetually hungry~
09/09/10 featured... in DevArt :P ~perpetually hungry~
09/08/10 English major major? (plus joke) ~perpetually hungry~
09/08/10 A Tribute for the Holy Mother ~perpetually hungry~
09/04/10 behind the beat ~perpetually hungry~
09/03/10 Septembrrr... ~perpetually hungry~
08/30/10 new friends :) ~perpetually hungry~
08/30/10 a new admirer? ~perpetually hungry~
08/29/10 print screen power! - go west or die ~perpetually hungry~
08/29/10 [Tik Tok] by President Benigno "Noynoy&q.. ~perpetually hungry~
08/28/10 DevArt Status... again ~perpetually hungry~
08/26/10 project design ~perpetually hungry~
08/24/10 Hostage Taking Aftermath ~perpetually hungry~
08/24/10 "sh*tty cops" and "major major.. ~perpetually hungry~
08/23/10 8-23-2010 Hostage Taking Drama ~perpetually hungry~
08/19/10 OMG!!! nosebleed!!!!!!! ~perpetually hungry~
08/17/10 DevArt Status ~perpetually hungry~
08/15/10 featured! :) ~perpetually hungry~
08/11/10 Son Goku ~perpetually hungry~

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