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04/26/14 BELATED BIRTHDAY POST. {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
03/09/14 step1:BEGRATEFUL s m i l e.
03/09/14 my granma's death {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
01/27/14 I HAVE A CHANCE + my crazy gif love story {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
01/13/14 stepstotrueHAPPINESS. s m i l e.
12/25/13 loneliness, spark of happiness, and a Christm.. {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
12/18/13 betheCHANGE. s m i l e.
12/02/13 MY WISHLIST FINALLY. {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
10/16/13 when will you reallySMILE. s m i l e.
08/01/13 smile like no other. s m i l e.
05/23/13 dontgiveUP. s m i l e.
05/14/13 youareB E A U T I F U L. s m i l e.
04/25/13 s m i l e intro. s m i l e.
04/25/13 the BIRTHDAY & the new W O R L D & me.. {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
12/11/12 THIS IS FOR YOU BIG SIS!!! <3333 {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
11/28/12 PICTURE OF ME!!, and is there any good dancin.. {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
11/14/12 My first detention and THE DEFINITION OF FLIR.. {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
11/07/12 Some K-Pop :LOVE: love life.
11/06/12 I finally finish this Tagging nonsense. ;D {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
10/30/12 Secret Santa Wishlist 2012 {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
10/06/12 cute love quotes <33 love life.
10/05/12 Introduction to "love life" love life.
08/31/12 How AHMAZING my life is right now <3 {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
07/15/12 I'm So Happy! [GOOD] deeds.
05/23/12 Last Day at School {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
03/31/12 Starting Tomorrow. {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
03/24/12 Scramble Me! {{Shugo Shugo!}}
03/24/12 Hey Hey Hey! {{Shugo Shugo!}}
03/18/12 Welcome To My World! <3 [GOOD] deeds.
03/13/12 New World! [Please Read?] {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/21/12 Winners For My Challenge! All Participants Pl.. {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/20/12 My Challenge!! {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/10/12 Emergency Room {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/05/12 How I'm Doing So Far :) {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
12/30/11 Adam and Spam {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
12/30/11 My Worst Enemy {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
12/26/11 Christmas To-Do List {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
12/16/11 Dedications :) {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
12/13/11 How My Life Sucks :( {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
11/06/11 Birthdays :) {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
09/12/11 SO so happy!!! :) {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
07/17/11 Hey Guys {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
06/06/11 For the Challenge... {{Shugo Shugo!}}
06/06/11 I love you guys + good news :) {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
05/23/11 Leaving theOtaku :( {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
05/17/11 Stealing Meme Fun :) {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
05/16/11 Change Of World {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
05/10/11 Hi! I'm Aoyama Masaya! Mew Mew Cafe
05/10/11 Meeeh Help? {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
04/04/11 Mission [CUTE] {{Shugo Shugo!}}
03/28/11 Is She Really My Best Friend? {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
03/25/11 Confused BloodyNess FaNTasTic BaBy
03/19/11 Cant Believe I'm a Hero! {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
03/10/11 ZeroChan? {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
03/08/11 Cards/Wallie Requests? {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
03/06/11 How To Make Wallies? {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/21/11 CHEESE!!! KIKKI-CHAN ^_<*
02/16/11 For Kc-onee-chan {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/16/11 For Kima-chan {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/14/11 Happy Valentines Day! ^ ^ {{Shugo Shugo!}}
02/14/11 Happeh Valentine's Day! ^ ^ {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/11/11 Afetr I did What Nara-chan Said... {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/11/11 Now This Is What It Looks Like.... {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/07/11 Is This All Right? {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}
02/03/11 Question For the Day! ^ ^ {.:Vanilla Sweetheart:.}

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