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Gifts : I'm finding myself missing you... : Happy Birthday, Uryu~!! Love you~!! AlexaClyne: I love you <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! RedPandaAlchemist: Happy B-Day!!! Repaa Deaths Strawberry: Happy Birthday Uryu irish012: blow ur cake Uryuu-kun, it's ur birthday Bleachic: Happy B-day, loves!!! *^^* : Happy Birthday! ^_^ Hulaberry32: Happy Birthday Ishida-kun~! ^^ LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday //_^ LightFykki: Happy birthday!^^ Sakuse: Happy Birthday Uryu!! :D : Happy Birthday, Ishida-kun! :) : Happy Birthday, my dear Quincy~!! :D AlexaClyne: Otanjoubi Omedetto. *tight hug* <3 : Missing you, already...;w; AlexaClyne: Will be missing you~<3 Bleachic: *Hugs & Kisses!* : I love you, Ishida-kun~ Always<3 AlexaClyne: Hountou ni Arigatou, Ishida-kun~! : Missing you terribly, again... : Constant lagging sucks sorry, Ishida-kun : Sorry I worried you, Ishida-kun...=( : Thank you for everything, Ishida-kun! :D : I've missed you so very much, Ishida-kun AlexaClyne: I miss you so much Ishida-kuuun... TT^TT AlexaClyne: I miss ya Ishida-kun! We all missed cha! : Missing you... : Just want to say I love you, Ishida-kun AlexaClyne: A cookie to celebrate your Host-ness! XD Bleachic: A little something for you. : Happy Easter! =P : Happy Easter, Ishida-kun! : *hugs* Miss you~ AlexaClyne: Teehee~~~!! *blushes* Sakuse: Happy St. Patrick's Day : Happy St. Patrickâs  Day! ^_^ : Thanks for listening to me, Ishida-kun AlexaClyne: Ganbatte in your training Ishida-kun~!! ElementalNinja: A New Bow for my Favorite Quincy! ^^ : Happy Valentines Day! ^_^ : Happy V-Day, Ishida-kun!! <3 ouransgirl: Happy Valentine's Day, Ishida-san!^^ AlexaClyne: Happeh Valentine's Ishida-kun!!! ;) RedPandaAlchemist: Happy V-Day!!!! Sakuse: Well... Welcome at theO my new friend :D Sakuse: Inoue wants you to fix her stuff dog :D AlexaClyne: Yer brainy so I wanna give ya this. XD : A welcoming gift for you, Ishida-kun!
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