Quiz Results ichigo amehane

What Type Of Twilight Fan Are You?

sooooo yezz! twilightz rulezzz!

What Vampire Knight Character Are You?

i seriously get the good awnsers! :) nyaaaa!

What Dragon Slayer Are You?

yeah, wind like rulezzzzzzzzz! :P

Which Fairy Tail Girl Are You?

must be true! i did the quizz 2 times! good to know i rule ;)

What Is Your Bending-Element?

heyy does that mean im rare????? (cous i am. (totaly no way in hell someone is weirderz than miezzz <3))

What Type Of Gamer Are You?

hahahahaha, shokker after my last quiz result but probb true ;) (even thou i dont dig bones and shizzle 0-0)

Which Vocaloid Are You?

err okayyyz?! maybe deep down ;)

What Warrior Cat Are You?

itz my lucky dayz!!! <3 (i always hoped 2 be like squirrelflight) <3

Which Celestial Ring Character Are You?

OMG! soo truezz! mercuryzzz. :3

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