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02/10/16 Happy New Year!? .......More like Happy Valen.. HackerBlackRose
11/17/15 Card Captor Sakura Speed Painting Rose's Youtube videos
11/09/15 The Ocean of Secrets Lia-Color Pencil Colorin.. Rose's Youtube videos
11/09/15 The Ocean of Secrets Lia-Color Pencil Colorin.. HackerBlackRose
06/10/15 How to draw anime female and male eyes (penci.. Rose's Youtube videos
06/07/15 Chick Challenge Rose's Youtube videos
05/25/15 Let's Draw: Chibi holding a kitty Rose's Youtube videos
05/24/15 Thank you! HackerBlackRose
05/12/15 Patreon HackerBlackRose
05/03/15 Coloring in Paint Tool Sai Rose's Youtube videos
04/18/15 Using Prismacolor Markers for the first time Rose's Youtube videos
04/17/15 I'm back and thank you! HackerBlackRose
11/13/14 Update: Massage therapy/life/artwork HackerBlackRose
10/10/14 I think I broke my tablet HackerBlackRose
09/26/14 Last year of college HackerBlackRose
06/18/14 I won't be on for awhile..... HackerBlackRose
05/26/14 Life is being unfair again wtf? HackerBlackRose
05/21/14 21 on 21 HackerBlackRose
05/05/14 Attack on Titan HackerBlackRose
04/20/14 Happy Easter HackerBlackRose
04/17/14 Update on myself HackerBlackRose
03/05/14 Where's my creativity? HackerBlackRose
02/23/14 How I draw semi realism eyes Artist Cubby
02/23/14 How I draw semi realism eyes HackerBlackRose
02/16/14 Let's talk about Massage Therapy. HackerBlackRose
02/05/14 I ate, breath, and sleep school right now... HackerBlackRose
01/17/14 Good news! HackerBlackRose
01/15/14 I won't be on for awhile HackerBlackRose
01/09/14 Let's color chibi twilight sparkle! HackerBlackRose
12/30/13 It's already been a year, I am feeling better.. HackerBlackRose
12/06/13 Final weeks HackerBlackRose
11/28/13 new tablet HackerBlackRose
11/22/13 Let's Draw manga Rose's Youtube videos
11/20/13 Finals, drawings, stressing, Christmas, OH MY.. HackerBlackRose
11/16/13 Baby, It's cold outside Rose's Youtube videos
11/10/13 My wishlist for chirstmas HackerBlackRose
11/08/13 Commissions are open HackerBlackRose
11/06/13 I know I think too much HackerBlackRose
11/04/13 What do you guys think of this?! HackerBlackRose
10/27/13 Let's draw manga- blue sketching and inking Artist Cubby
10/26/13 What's going on in my life HackerBlackRose
10/14/13 Why I haven't been on HackerBlackRose
10/03/13 How to draw manga - Female Artist Cubby
10/02/13 How to draw manga - Female Rose's Youtube videos
09/29/13 How to draw natural curly hair Artist Cubby
09/29/13 How to draw natural curly hair Rose's Youtube videos
09/26/13 Digital sketch #2 HackerBlackRose
09/24/13 How I sketch and edit them Artist Cubby
09/24/13 How I sketch and edit them Rose's Youtube videos
09/23/13 Sitting on bed, cat is taking over bed. HackerBlackRose
09/20/13 Digital sketch HackerBlackRose
09/19/13 I need some help HackerBlackRose
08/31/13 Ombre Hair HackerBlackRose
08/30/13 You know what is sad? HackerBlackRose
08/24/13 Another job with Mary Kay :) HackerBlackRose
08/21/13 Good news! HackerBlackRose
08/20/13 2nd day of college! HackerBlackRose
08/06/13 Update on Life HackerBlackRose
07/31/13 I am back from vacation HackerBlackRose
07/16/13 I got a new laptop HackerBlackRose
07/15/13 It's been awhile HackerBlackRose
06/27/13 Life is a bit of a mess right now.... HackerBlackRose
06/23/13 Go to chat HackerBlackRose
06/23/13 Go to chat HackerBlackRose
06/14/13 Show a little love to Valerie014 HackerBlackRose
06/13/13 Working at this time of night? HackerBlackRose
06/12/13 Instagram HackerBlackRose
06/11/13 It is Tuesday? HackerBlackRose
06/07/13 Waiting..... HackerBlackRose
06/03/13 I am too lazy HackerBlackRose
06/01/13 More coloring videos Artist Cubby
06/01/13 DIY Shirt HackerBlackRose
05/27/13 The weekend went by too fast HackerBlackRose
05/25/13 What I got for my birthday and anniversary HackerBlackRose
05/19/13 If you guys have been wondering..... Artist Cubby
05/17/13 Some Music to listen to while creating art Artist Cubby
05/17/13 Hatsune Miku Rose's Youtube videos
05/17/13 Hatsune Miku HackerBlackRose
05/15/13 My art work Rose's Youtube videos
05/15/13 If you have miss out on my first video yet.. Rose's Youtube videos
05/14/13 Art work Video HackerBlackRose
05/13/13 My first art video Artist Cubby
05/13/13 I finally uploaded my video! HackerBlackRose
05/12/13 Something Special Artist Cubby
05/12/13 Working on something special HackerBlackRose
03/13/13 I took a break HackerBlackRose
02/22/13 Instagram HackerBlackRose
02/20/13 An update on where I have been HackerBlackRose
02/02/13 I painted my nails HackerBlackRose
01/04/13 Life can suck HackerBlackRose
12/18/12 Painting 1 Class Artist Cubby
11/26/12 I have a question for all HackerBlackRose
10/25/12 College Life HackerBlackRose
08/20/12 I started College HackerBlackRose
08/08/12 Update on everything HackerBlackRose
07/19/12 Vacation Time HackerBlackRose
07/02/12 Serious Business HackerBlackRose
07/02/12 Update 7/02/2012 HackerBlackRose
06/18/12 Update on my life. HackerBlackRose
06/13/12 sketch HackerBlackRose
06/05/12 sneak peak HackerBlackRose
06/05/12 Fun in the Sun HackerBlackRose
06/01/12 A work in process HackerBlackRose
05/29/12 Graduation HackerBlackRose
05/26/12 Work in process HackerBlackRose
05/24/12 Thank you. HackerBlackRose
05/22/12 THANK YOU! HackerBlackRose
05/17/12 Otaku Eternal HackerBlackRose
05/16/12 Update on life. HackerBlackRose
05/13/12 Prom Picture :) HackerBlackRose
05/13/12 More pictures of prom :) HackerBlackRose
05/13/12 More pictures of prom HackerBlackRose
05/13/12 prom pictures! :D HackerBlackRose
05/10/12 AP portfolio is done! HackerBlackRose
05/07/12 Update. HackerBlackRose
05/02/12 Adobe Illustrator HackerBlackRose
04/26/12 Question? HackerBlackRose
04/26/12 I've been really busy HackerBlackRose
04/18/12 my prom dress HackerBlackRose
04/15/12 Prom HackerBlackRose
04/14/12 Oh here's an update guys HackerBlackRose
04/07/12 i have a new phone update time :) HackerBlackRose
03/30/12 The dress i am waiting on for HackerBlackRose
03/29/12 I'm just tired at the moment HackerBlackRose
03/27/12 how to plan your art work Artist Cubby
03/22/12 Picture of my cat HackerBlackRose
03/22/12 Applying for jobs HackerBlackRose
03/17/12 Spring Break HackerBlackRose
03/09/12 Doing a few updates HackerBlackRose
03/08/12 I've been so sick HackerBlackRose
03/06/12 Color Tutorial Artist Cubby
03/05/12 Nudity art vs. Porn Artist Cubby
02/27/12 Let's do an update~ HackerBlackRose
02/23/12 What my day was like HackerBlackRose
02/21/12 Adam favor one of my iphone wallpapers HackerBlackRose
02/19/12 Warning to anybody who uses DeviantART Artist Cubby
02/16/12 I don't feel so good HackerBlackRose
02/15/12 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG :D HackerBlackRose
02/14/12 Happy Valentine's day HackerBlackRose
02/10/12 I would like a life back please HackerBlackRose
01/25/12 Day off today :D HackerBlackRose
01/19/12 Lady gaga HackerBlackRose
01/18/12 Art update HackerBlackRose
01/13/12 art trade :) HackerBlackRose
12/08/11 Better nobody notice lol HackerBlackRose
12/06/11 I have a life now! HackerBlackRose
11/01/11 I am sick again HackerBlackRose
10/27/11 I'm a little monster now :3 HackerBlackRose
07/15/11 my life is busy HackerBlackRose
06/18/11 Update HackerBlackRose
06/13/11 Summer days :3 HackerBlackRose
06/07/11 exercising time! :D HackerBlackRose
03/20/11 Yep life is exciting HackerBlackRose
02/27/11 Mexican Soda HackerBlackRose
01/17/11 I simply give up. HackerBlackRose
11/07/10 It's getting cold out HackerBlackRose
10/15/10 popular HackerBlackRose
09/11/10 Licenses. HackerBlackRose
04/08/10 YES! HackerBlackRose
03/08/10 I finally feel better :D HackerBlackRose
03/04/10 Starting a manga HackerBlackRose
02/23/10 what? HackerBlackRose
02/15/10 I need to add some work on here... like soon HackerBlackRose
10/25/09 What has happened? HackerBlackRose
12/28/08 Oh NO tokyopop is canceling manga?! HackerBlackRose
12/26/08 Poem~ HackerBlackRose
12/14/08 Sailor Moon~Lilium elfen lied club
10/27/08 REQUESTS!!!!!!!!!! HackerBlackRose
09/15/08 New art up HackerBlackRose
08/24/08 Cardcaptor sakura with the opening of elfen l.. elfen lied club
08/16/08 i need help with gimp D: HackerBlackRose
08/14/08 300+ hugs HackerBlackRose
07/29/08 ummmm just got a call..... HackerBlackRose
07/29/08 Leaveing!!! D: HackerBlackRose
07/28/08 HOLY CRAP IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRCALE!!!! HackerBlackRose
07/27/08 List of thing to do this week HackerBlackRose
07/26/08 What happen at the art show!!!!! HackerBlackRose
07/25/08 Will be makeing requesting art now! HackerBlackRose
07/25/08 I forgot to add one more thing ABOUT the judg.. HackerBlackRose
07/24/08 depress D: HackerBlackRose
07/20/08 hey everyone update! HackerBlackRose
07/19/08 i just started the manga yay!!! HackerBlackRose
07/19/08 We need members!!! elfen lied club
07/19/08 COME JOIN THE ELFEN LIED CLUB!!!! HackerBlackRose
07/18/08 I am going to start the manga HackerBlackRose
07/08/08 .....[put title here] HackerBlackRose
07/07/08 picture uploaded HackerBlackRose
06/30/08 YAH!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HackerBlackRose
06/29/08 Just a few things..... HackerBlackRose

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