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What Element Fits You Best?

Whoa...all my quiz results are changing..plus its late and im tired...

Hetalia! What Country Are You?

Sure? Thought I was more Japan-ish although Iggy is probably my favorite character right now XD

What Doctor Are You Most Like?

<3 but...am I really like him most? O.O

What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?

Wow...this has also changed a lot O.O

What Is Your Anime Hair Color?

Its amazing how much this has changed...I used to be "burnette"

What Buso Renkin Character Are You?

No Comment

What Pokemon Starter Are You?


What Case Closed Character Are You?

aint the last part the truth!

What Kind Of Fighter Are You?

alritey then! XD

What Type Of Humor Do You Have?

eheheh <.< >.>

What Supporting Avatar Character Are You?

am i now...

What Digimon Character Are You?

doin wat with my grandpa?!0.o hahha jk i know wat it means...maybe XD jk again

What Legendary Biju Are You?

hahaha its cute actually XD

What Element Fits You Best?

hmmmm..i disagree with the fight thingy XD but i guess this is mayb true?

What Naruto Character Are You?

Ha! Im not sasuke for once!!!! XD *dances around just cuz i feels lik it!*

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