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Date Title World
04/12/13 hello and thank you gundam
04/01/13 sorry today is not my bday gundam
02/26/13 welcome students Masters Dojo
02/20/13 time and ideas gundam
02/17/13 from my past gundam
12/29/12 in the end is coming closer now gundam
11/11/12 new student Masters Dojo
10/09/12 readers gundam
06/28/12 funny gundam
06/25/12 looking back at it and they know who they are gundam
06/04/12 believe gundam
05/04/12 happy and friends gundam
04/30/12 student Masters Dojo
04/23/12 thinking gundam
04/15/12 when i make a rp move gundam
04/14/12 to who gundam
04/08/12 hello working Masters Dojo
03/19/12 Moka Masters Dojo
03/02/12 students Masters Dojo
03/01/12 students Masters Dojo
02/29/12 class Masters Dojo
02/20/12 job and students and maybe a master or two or.. Masters Dojo
02/18/12 student who is a sister to the master Masters Dojo
02/17/12 students Masters Dojo
02/16/12 hi to all gundam
02/14/12 new student one Masters Dojo
02/12/12 student Masters Dojo
02/06/12 promoted and hi to fans gundam
02/06/12 oc for heaven or hell war first job rp school
02/05/12 oc for heaven or hell war rules rp school
01/16/12 hello to all gundam
01/09/12 hi and training 2 Masters Dojo
01/08/12 work gundam
01/08/12 hi and training Masters Dojo
12/31/11 hello and wow gundam
12/30/11 hello gundam
12/15/11 hello or good night gundam
11/15/11 good news gundam
11/12/11 LOOKING Masters Dojo
10/22/11 just work our clan
10/22/11 reworking Masters Dojo
10/22/11 hello gundam
10/15/11 why gundam
08/18/11 thank you to all gundam
07/22/11 hi gundam
07/20/11 thank you to all gundam
07/20/11 evil pies and fryingpans show from Dr evil gundam
07/19/11 hi gundam
07/19/11 friends gundam
07/16/11 hi gundam
07/15/11 hey gundam
09/09/10 it started with rave master gundam
08/27/10 lession 2 attacking rp school
08/27/10 lession 1 how to rp on the o rp school
08/17/10 The art of war for rp rp school
08/17/10 the new anime gundam
06/29/09 im crazy gundam

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