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What Anime Mouth Do You Have?

this is cool XD

What Legendary Otaku Fanart Artist Are You?

No Comment

What Style Fits You?

all true! *v* but I'm no loner xD

What Host Are You?

but I'm not a guy x)) oh well. hahaha

Who Is Your Seigako Regular Date?

haha.. meant to be ! xDD

What Naruto Girl Are You?

i like! xDD

Who Is Your Naruto Fighting Partner?

i was expecting naruto or sasuke.. -.-

What Personality Problem Are You?

im not that bad at drawing.. -.-

cute! hahaha! :))

yeah! its right! xDD

Who Is Your D.Gray-Man Guy?

i like Lavi! xDD

Are You A Fujoshi Otaku?

i like it!! xDD

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