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Gifts Bleachic: Merry Christmas, Vincent~X<333 Bleachic: Happy Halloween, Vincent~X<333 Support KIRA: Happy Birthday <333 Bleachic: *puts a smile on your face*~X<3333 Sukikisu: Happy Valentine's Day! Mocha chan: Happy Valentine's Day! SaiKat: Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Valentine ^^ Bleachic: Happy Valentines Day, Vincent~X<3 Immortal Queen: Happy Valetines day Vincent <3 Immortal Queen: Congratulations on your promotion!!! Immortal Queen: Merry Christmas most wonderful friend! Immortal Queen: Happy Halloween!!! Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday Vincent!!! Hevn: Have A Happy Easter!!!^_^ lunastarz: Happy Easter <3 Bleachic: Thought it was cute *Smiles* <3 Immortal Queen: Happy Easter!!!!! Bleachic: A box full of love, for my Valentine. ^^ Bleachic: }-{Grazie il mio bello amico}-{ Support KIRA: Go wild~ Happy Vday xD Hevn: Aw, Thanks! *huggles* x3 Happy V-Day!^_~ Immortal Queen: Happy Valentines day Vincent!!! Elix3r: Happy V-day ^_~ Hevn: Happy New year!!!^_^ Kasbaarg: you need more fuzziness in your life.... Immortal Queen: Many Christmas wishes to a great friend Immortal Queen: A flower for a good friend. Immortal Queen: Happy Hallows eve Immortal Queen: Thank you for the enjoyable talks.
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