Quiz Results Chaos Jonny

riiiiiight O_o

Which Furuba Character Are You?

Wow, my feminine side is kicking in again >_<

What Zelda Weapon Are You?

Yea grapple chain

What Sparda Male Are You?

Cool, jst like Riku, i harness darkness and at it's full potential

What Role Do You Play In An Anime?

Wow, i guess i rly do harness Darkness XD

What Bleach Minor Character Are You?


What Negima Girl Are You Most Like?

Wow, ive always wantd to be a twin

What Case Closed Character Are You?

Wow, who new, i could never see myself being him

What Sonic-X Character Are You?

Heck yea, it always comes out to be him XD

What Sonic Character Are You?

Absolusely correct, gotta have power and the ability to teleport XD Hes the best

Flame is my thing u know a-hah

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?

Thats th second time although i have to agree that i am a goof ball and very hyper active XD

What Is Your Anime Hair Colour?

My favorite color IS green XD

What Final Fantasy: Dissidia Character Are You?


What School Rumble Character Are You?

Awsome, tho i wish i was a bad ass in real life

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