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What Type Of Gamer Are You?

sounds exactly what i am. :3 im not out to win (most of the time lol) just to have fun

What Dragon Age: Origins Character Are You?

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Which Naruto Chakra Element Do You Possess?

Omg I'm naruto. On

Which Nordic Are You?

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What Parks And Recreation Character Are You?

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What Homestuck Kid Are You?

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Which Pokemon Fire Starter Are You?

i feel very outgoing right now. lol

What Full Moon Character Are You?

i love this guy!

Which Kissxsis Character Are You?

pretty much

What Genre Of Manga Are You?

i do tend to read this genre a lot. lol

What Style Fits You?

damn straight. :3

What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?

umbreon is my top fav eeve evo. makes me happy that my personality is so much like one. :3

Birth By Sleep: What Character Do You Resemble?

scary at how close that is to my real personality. O.o

What Food Corresponds to Your Personality?

i do love me dairy products! that and meat, like bacon, steak, and pork chops. mmmmmmm, thats good. ^u^ i tend to like protein rich thing.

Which FFX Protagonist Are You?

i'm a fucking cat! XD i find that ironic cause i chose to have my character in skyrim to be a kahjiit. >w<

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