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Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?

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What Type Of Movie Are You?

Pretty much. XD Believe it or not lol.

What Genre Of Manga Are You?

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Which Madoka Magical Girl Are You?

shared with 22%. Hmm. I can see this as being true lolol!

Which Disney Fairy Are You?

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What Type Of Movie Are You?

amen, sista

Yay! Lol, I got China on a Hetalia meme before, too. XD

Which Ichigo Mashimaro Character Are You?

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Which Durarara!! Character Are You?

Hmm...not exactly, but ok lol.

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?

eh, kinda i guess! :D

What Yami No Matsuei Guy Are You?

XD My own quiz!! I had to choose the Tsuzuki answers lol.

What Angel's Feather Hero Are You?

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What Ace Attorney Character Are You?

although i don't think i'm that eccentric, lol! I do like Maya.

What K-ON! Band Character Are You?

Aw, cute! Yay! <3 Shared with 10%. Nice quiz, twin!

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