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Gifts Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday shiro-san!! DeathSeraph: Happy late birthday!hope it'sbeen great! tethysal: happy birthday Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday shiro-san! 21Emmz12: Happy Birthday! : Happy Valentine's Day! <3 mangalover567: Happy late birthday omg I'm so sorry Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday akachi shiro-san! DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have a great day~ :D tethysal: happy birthday! Archmage225: Happy Birthday! ^-^ mangalover567: thanks :) Crimson-Rose: thank you~!! KyraChan: Just 'cause of your epic icon. 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have an awesome day! :D Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Akachi Shiro!! TheDarkEclipse: Happy Birthday!! Amestar: Happy Birthday! ReiKiba: Happy birthday! enkichan: thanks for subscribed me ^-^ mangalover567: hmm ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion~! ^__^ Morbid Dollie: Congratulations on the promotion!!! : Happy Birthday! hope you had a great one blue dragon123: Happy Birthday! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday! vampirehitsugaya: Happy Birthday!!! (=^.^=) LightFykki: Happy birthday!!! ^____^ Dragon Anime: Happy b-day!! 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D ReiKiba: Happy birthday! <3 ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D DeathSeraph: happy birthday!! have an awesome one! :D chichi6: HAPPY BIRTHDAY^^ fuko chan: happy birthday!!! ramen!!! BabyD: Becuase cakes are overrated, HBDAY ! XD mangalover567: XD) ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion~! ^__^ BlackSoulKid: witches need their hats ^^ fuko chan: thx! for subscribing! :) Lei Chan: I know, right? : Thanks for entering Anime ABC :) mangalover567: lolz mangalover567: derpin' mangalover567: :D mangalover567: lolz mangalover567: XD I'mma derpin' mangalover567: i heart pie mangalover567: Panda!!!! mangalover567: lolz mangalover567: hee hee mangalover567: Thank you. MissTaemin: thanx for subbing :D jumemi: this is hallween xD jumemi: :D jumemi: >-< jumemi: ;3 dusktilldawn713: thanx for subbing :D jumemi: :) infinatelove42: thank you for the subs ^-^ jumemi: XD jumemi: (^,^) jumemi: :) jumemi: (>,<)/ jumemi: =] jumemi: ;D Vladmir Valentine: thank you xTanziex333: okay i'll keep that in mind :D xTanziex333: i am a gril, new friend :D Pyrus aka Padme : thxs for the sub xTanziex333: thank u for the sub!! :D pyrodude2393: here you go : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ azraelvega66: Thanks for the sub ^^ Ja ne ladylita: thanks for the gift! : IMOTO-CHAN! IMOTO-CHAN!....puppy dog! XD Neko Hikaru: yes, sorry sir...i mean ma'am X3 ♪ Neko Hikaru: YES SIR! ...i mean...YES MA'AM ^///^ Neko Hikaru: online marriage! X3 my face went so red Neko Hikaru: PANDA!..Dom-chan...asked me...something Neko Hikaru: love you Imoto-chan : KYAAAA!!!!*glomps*IMOTO-CHAN'S BACK!meow Bleachic: They're plotting world domination LMAO Bleachic: I've got four. Bleachic: (Sorry. My cat sent that last one...LOL) Bleachic: Here] Bleachic: I would be a girl...I hope @...@  LOL. Bleachic: LOL.  You're welcome, new friend <3 Bleachic: Thanks for the sub, my friend :3 jumemi: arigato:) SparklyAlice: It's fine. Not everyone likes the same t SparklyAlice: Umm okay. : *cuddles Seby*i knew you could do it Seb : they said that my precious Seby lost :( : wuv woo too Imoto-chan XDDD <3    :3 : i said that i try to ignore it : your the one that calls me a bimbo : YOU! : i burnt my tongue on a caramel latte :( : -_- at least i'm not stupid : i love you and this rose means something : creepy lol i knew you would say that : ionly write their names,so i wont anyway : what that he gets hit? : XDDD so you want the one that gets hit : do you want original, bad or good? : don't worry, i found it just then : welcome.do you know Takeshi's last name? : heres your chocky....ENJOY! akatsuki15: Thank you for the gift! : KYAAAAA!!!! GO L!!!!!! <3 : i'm glad that your happy Imoto-chan AnnaKanda: hey akachi!(nicknaming!XD)heres a bunny! ladylita: thanks for subscribimg : school is now in session : enjoy the choclate : thax forgive rose qick thought quick act : Kuroshitsuji Fav Characters. HE'S MINE<3 : but Joker is gorgeous.i post a pick : and just, why are you going to be sick? : and JOKER ATSUI/KAWAII!!!!! JOKER<3 KYA! : KAWAII! KAWAII! KAWII! DROCELL KAWAII!<3 : DROCELL KAWAII!! <3 he's in my new world : the doll from the creey doll song.MINE<3 : DROCELL KAWAII!!!!!<3 : *crying* Takeshi got hurt...poor Takeshi : i remember the name, but who's Takashi? : FUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 : BUNNY!!!!<3 Seishiro so kawaii!Go Seishi : ok...night night Onee-chan <3 : DUCKY!<3ducky,ducky,ducky,love you ducky : and the panda too....lol. bunny? : same with the PIGGY!!!! <3 want a ducky? : i said puppy before reading it as well. : i saw it and said kitty,then read it.lol : BFF'S FOREVER! <3 : HAPPY BDAY ONEE-CHAN!!!!!! <3 : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : happy bday! : no problem have an ah-mahzing day! : no problem have an ah-mahzing day : welcome! you deserve it!! ^^ : happy birthday!!!! : love you too Onee-chan <3 : happpyyyy birrthhdayyy!!!! ^^ : like it? love it? whatever?I WUV PANDAS! : Just a sec Seby!*sigh*...was it good? : now theres no privacy....thanks*sarcasm* : with him..but we both love kitty's(next) : he's addicted,i'll always be here.(next) : thanks. i really needed to know. : PUPPY!!!!!!!!!<3 ONEE-CHAN THANK YOU!!<3 : that's soooooo unfair.oh well.you happy? : how did you get them? please tell : HOW THE F*** DID YOU GET A PIGGY? : For my friend~! : THANK YOU FOR THE MESSAGES!!!! <3  Seby : decorated my death note with teachers na : POCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!TY, TY, TY ONEE-CHAN <3 : YAY!!!!!!!!!!    WE'RE KIRA : am i now Kira too? : ???? ohhh Dawn???? : don?...don?..don?....doesn't ring a bell : ...we're friends *dumb voice*ducky? : don???? : 1 down, more B****s and B*******s to go : OMG!!! SHE'S DEAD*gasp**happy dance*  ty : tell me when she's dead... : a heart attack!! she won't see it coming : she deserves murder, but   > (next gift) : no.you gave it to me.use the death note! : im gonna throw this brick at miss witty : BFF isn't a strong enough word to use... : love you, Onee-chan. BFFF'S!!! *^o^* lol : i know..i'm just messing.want ice-cream? : eating choc egg, you have choc.......lol : i'm eating a brownie, you have a cookie! : i know how you feel Onee-chan    <3 : ok...sorry Chi....Onee-chan <3 : a STRAWBERRY pocky <3 <3 <3 ty again : ty for the avatar and understanding <3 : thank you. here you go L. where'd it go? : didn't have to give late pressie. but ty ItachiSasuke: Thanks so much for the sub! :3 : thank you for the pocky.....Chi..... aka yuki: for a great friend thanks ^-^ : gives this to Moko-chan. its edible .lol : its still mean to tease Moko-ri : Moko-chan should beat up Watanuki-ruu : DUCKY!!!!!!!!!! aka yuki: thabk you for being my 100th sub : thanks for the Grell,and everything*M.Y* : GRELL!!!!! <3 : I Love Grell! *screams* : thanks for the Grell! : ty for d GRELL!       have nummy pocky! : ty for d GRELL!  *day dreaming*  *^-^* : thanks again for the Grell world.*hugs* : TAHNK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING GRELL WORLD : AHHHH!!! TY! TY! TY!..TY! ONII-CHAN : LOVE YOU ONII-CHAN.thanks for Grelly pic : strawberry for another bb fan! ^^ : you can always talk to me about it. : be happy Sakuse: To my new friend. Welcome and thanks : here. have some pocky too *^-^ Viollet: For what?? ^_______^ alexea arescia: your avatar is greatness akachi : POCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!*num,num*all gone.more? : bored+your my bestie and i'm bored. : !!!!!!!!!!!!!STRAWBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : cookie!!!!! AnnaKanda: A panda for your awesomeness! XD AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub~! **Subs back**
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