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    RIP to one of theO's Finest, Desbreko (1988-2016)

This hurts.

theOtaku.com mourns the loss of one of our first and most beloved members, Desbreko, who passed away from complications from cancer.

He predated our registration system and was one of the first people to sign up for myOtaku when it launched in 2003. He was a constant and joyful presence in our chatroom and across the site. He volunteered as an Administrator. He helped younger members and was a friend to many senior members, including myself. He created my favorite quiz of all time and even contributed code that lives on today.

Oh, and he always had a witty anime screen capture at the ready.

Shinmaru, who perhaps knew him best, shared the news and posted a touching tribute on our sister site, OtakuBoards.com.

If you'd like to post a message to his family, you may do so on the links below.

Like many members, Desbreko drifted away from theO over the last few years, but he still checked in from time to time.

In late April, just a few months before his passing, Desbreko logged into theO for the very last time. A week later he unsubscribed from theO's newsletter. It was perhaps a final, quiet farewell to the community that loved him so much, that he helped create and make special.

Hi there friend!

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