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    Week 2: December Features

Round two of nominations! Thanks to those who messaged me this week! These nominations will occur weekly until the end of the month (so probably two more weeks). You can nominate as many people as you wish, as long as all the questions are answered. Self nominations are also acceptable. We message those who are nominated once the post is published.

Otaku Feature: Immortal Queen
Nominated by: Starscream
Been friends for: Since they joined TheO (12/05/07)
How they inspire you: Deena has gone through a lot, but still manages to come out the other end smiling. She also knows how to cheer you up, even if she's feeling down herself. She's a super special person.
Some favorite works: Cherry Blossom, Nature's beauty, Winter months.
Holiday greeting: Have a blessed Yule, Deena! Love you lots! <3

Otaku Feature: Artgrrl
Nominated by: Keba Si Rota
How they inspire you: I've always admired how Artgrrl draws characters that are very diverse, always beautiful, and never stereotypical.
Some favorite works: Rosy Mable Month Fairy, Kira in the nigh, Hardcore babe

Otaku Feature: Morbid Dollie
Nominated by:DistantStar
Been friends for: So long, but not long enough! <3
How they inspire you: Miku was one of the first to comment on my works, even though they weren't really good. She always found a way to compliment me and support me to continue on and tryin' new things. She's such a dear, and I miss her tons! xoxo
Favorite works: Ohne dich & Kuchiki
Holiday greeting: I hope you have a lovely holidays Mikuuuuuu!

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