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    Week 1: December Features

Nominations for the first week are now closed! Any nominations received will be featured on next week's edition. Thanks for taking part!

Otaku Feature: WildGirl1977
Nominated by: Keba Si Rota
Some favorite works: Marshmallow Alchemy, Dancing out in space, and Cake!
In addition: WildGirl inspires me through her comic, Kagamure. Seriously, people, once you're done reading this, check it out. Not only is is a fun read, it makes me think that maybe I can do a web comic someday.

Otaku Feature: Kita Mikichi
Nominated by: Ellenor Mererid
Been friends for: About 5 or 4 years. Definitely at least four.
What I admire about them: How they inspire you: Her characters and stories are amazing, and her versatility of being able to draw in many styles and that her style she uses the most is really cute and charming.
Some favorite works: All of them! :DFight fire with fire, Khalil design to finish, and This precious smile

Otaku Feature: thelostsindar
Nominated by: Kaerlyn
I've know her for: Six years!
What they admire: All of her art is wonderful!
Favorite works: Sealing the deal, Thank you for saving me, my lady, and Turning into spring

Otaku Feature: MangaKid
Nominated by: Kaerlyn
Some of my favorite works are: Howl's Dark Side, Three amigulls and Dashing through the snow!

Want to nominate someone?! Send me a PM: Link

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