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    Otaku Feature of the Month: November

Happy November guys! This month's feature is...XxArrancarFanxX!
Special thanks to Snowzi for the nomination

1. How did you come across theOtaku?
I came across theOtaku a few years ago when I was looking for a wallpaper. I remember it was on a very old computer too!

2. Where did you come up with your username?
I was big fan of Bleach when I made this account and the whole Arrancar arc was one of my favorite parts.

3. What type of art do you specialize in?
I specialize in making wallpapers digitally. Aside from wallpapers I do photography and stock images.

4. How do you think theOtaku has assisted with your art growth?
theOtaku has definitely assisted with my art growth by allowing me to talk to other artists who are very, very helpful. I've learned A bunch of different techniques and trick to help me out!

5. What do you do when you have art blocks?
When I have art blocks I usually listen to music or I paint some random shapes. It actually does help.

6. What is your favorite type of food and why?
My favorite type of food is probably plain white rice, I don't know why but that's my favorite!

7. Have you ever wanted to try something new artwise? If so, what?
I've wanted to try to improve my drawing skills, which would be new for me considering I don't usually draw anything.

8. Do you usually do anything art-sy for Christmas time?
Yes! I decorate the house and I decorate a lot! We'll make crafts sometimes and hang them on the walls.

9. Anything else you’d like to share? (Quite literally, anything!)
Hm. Since it's Halloween as I type this... Happy (late) Halloween!

10. What would be something you'd say to someone starting out in art?
I would just have to say that don't give up! Even if you aren't satisfied with your art keep trying, you can only improve.

11. How did you first get involved with art? Some early inspirations?
Actually I got inspired from the many great wallpaper artists on this website, it's really where I got started :)

12. Something you're looking forward to before the end of the year? (i.e. special event?)
I'm honestly just looking forward to Christmas because it's just a happy and fun time!

Some of XxArrancarFanxX's personal favorites:

Life is a journey | Holding onto you | balck knight | happy halloween | yellow | Say cheese!

You can also find XxArrancarFanxX on DeviantArt & tumblr!

Thanks for reading guys! Look out for a post coming soon regarding special features in December - for the holidays! :)

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