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    When Marnie Was There Contest - Five Copies Up For Grabs

When Marnie Was There, the very last Studio Ghibli film, is now available on Blu-Ray. While this is a much different kind of Ghibli film, tackling themes like depression and eschewing fantastical elements, this release deserves a big party. To celebrate, we're giving away five copies to members!

(Contest only open to people in the US and Canada.)

There are two ways to win:

(1) Facebook: Become a fan of our Facebook Page and respond to our contest post this week. Three copies will go there.

(2) Respond to this post, to the question below. Two copies go here.

Post Question: Since Halloween is approaching and because When Marnie Was There has a dark and mysterious quality to it, tell us in the comments what your favorite mysterious event in an anime was.

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